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Hi warriors,

It's just that most of us wait until certain things happen before we finally decide to make a shift.

If we truly understood how the brain worked, I argued, we could stop the endless process of analyzing why things had happened to us, and if we could just simply change what we linked pain and pleasure to, we could just as easily change the way our nervous systems had been conditioned and take charge of our lives immediately.

As you can imagine, a young kid with no Ph.d. who was making these controversial claims on the radio didn't go over very well with some traditionally trained mental health professionals.

A few psychiatrists and psychologists attacked me, some on the air.

Why is it that most people think change takes so long? One reason, obviously, is that most people have tried again and again through willpower to make changes, and failed. The assumption that they then make is that important changes must take a long time and be very difficult to make.

In reality, it's only difficult because most of us don't know how to change! We don't have an effective strategy. Willpower by itself is not enough--not if we want to achieve lasting change.

The second reason we don't change quickly is that in our culture, we have a set of beliefs that prevents us from being able to utilize our own inherent abilities. Culturally, we link negative associations to the idea of instant change.

For most, instant change means you never really had a problem at all. If you can change that easily, why didn't you change a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, and stop complaining?

There are, in fact, cultures where people celebrate when someone dies! Why? They believe that god always knows the right time for us to leave the earth, and that death is graduation.

They also believe that if you were to grieve about someone's death, you would be indicating nothing but your own lack of understanding of life, and you would be demonstrating your own selfishness. since this person has gone on to a better place, you're feeling sorry for no one but yourself.

They link pleasure to death, and pain to grieving, so grief is not a part of their culture. I'm not saying that grief is bad or wrong. I'm just saying that we need to realize it's based upon our beliefs that pain takes a long time to recover from.

Once we effect a change, we should reinforce it immediately. Then, we have to condition our nervous systems to succeed not just once, but consistently. you wouldn't go to an aerobics class just one time and say, "Okay, now I've got a great body and I'll be healthy for life!" The same is true of your emotions and behavior.

We've got to condition ourselves for success, for love, for breaking through our fears. and through that conditioning, we can develop patterns that automatically lead us to consistent, lifelong success.

When we take control of our neuro-associations, we take control of our lives.

What are the two changes everyone wants in life? Isn't it true that we all want to change either

1) how we feel about things or
2) our behaviors?

If a person has been through a tragedy--they were abused as a child, they were raped, lost a loved one, are lacking in self-esteem--this person clearly will remain in pain until the sensations they link to themselves, these events, or situations are changed.

Likewise, if a person overeats, drinks, smokes, or takes drugs, they have a set of behaviors that must change. The only way this can happen is by linking pain to the old behavior and pleasure to a new behavior.

The second belief that you and I must have if we're going to create long-term change is that we're responsible for our own change, not anyone else. In fact, there are three specific beliefs about responsibility that a person must have if they're going to create long-term change:

1) First, we must believe, "Something must change"--not that it should change, not that it could or ought to, but that it absolutely must. so often I hear people say, "This weight should come off," "Procrastinating is a lousy habit,"

"My relationships should be better." But you know, we can "should" all over ourselves, and our life still won't change! It's only when something becomes a must that we begin the process of truly doing what's necessary to shift the quality of our lives.

2) Second, we must not only believe that things must change, but we must believe, "I must change it."

We must see ourselves as the source of the change. Otherwise, we'll always be looking for someone else to make the changes for us, and we'll always have someone else to blame when it doesn't work out. We must be the source of our change if our change is going to last.

3) Third, we have to believe, "I can change it." Without believing that it's possible for us to change, as we've already discussed in the last chapter, we stand no chance of carrying through on our desires.

Without these three core beliefs, I can assure you that any change you make stands a good chance of being only temporary.

Please don't misunderstand me--it's always smart to get a great coach (an expert, a therapist, a counselor, someone who's already produced these results for many other people) to support you in taking the proper steps to conquer your phobia or quit smoking or lose weight.

But in the end, you have to be the source of your change.

Have a nice day
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    Being able to get the three core beliefs you mention to not only stick but even replace current beliefs is the key.

    Were you the one on the radio or were you referring to when Tony Robbins did it?

    There was also mention of several things that can affect us: "abused as a child, they were raped, lost a loved one, are lacking in self-esteem, - - , a person overeats, drinks, smokes, or takes drugs are all being addressed with one way to change" - "by linking pain to the old behavior and pleasure to a new behavior". <This actually comes close in some ways but can create a lot of extra work in other ways. But the idea of treating all of those things you mentioned in the same way is heresy in psychology. It was also heresy in medicine to come out with one way to treat all bacteria before penicillin. Before penicillin was discovered doctors were treating each form of bacteria in its own way. Now they just do it in one.

    And you may be interested in this other Warrior thread about being able to change someone against their will. Pretty interesting how to apply pleasure and pain in unique ways to get people to change deeply even when they don't want too.

    This is what I developed on how to change any belief all the way to the core:

    Answering the single greatest question in psychology and personal development

    - exactly how to change.

    Actual real lasting change has been maddeningly elusive. Developing a reproducible effective system that anyone could use to produce change at will is beyond comprehension. What it actually takes to change has been unknown to the world even with the threat of death. Having recently reviewed a study on change involving heart patients who would die unless they changed their diet or exercise, it was found that the success rate of change with the threat of death was only one in seven. That is to say that only one in seven people when faced with death as a real consequence were able to change their habits and be able to live. The other six died having not been able to change. Real change has been practically impossible - until now.

    Having spent twenty-five years developing the system to achieving core level change it has finally been developed - Gutap. The exact process is spelled out step by step below in an easy to understand way in order to provide clarity and definition.

    A systematized conscious reproducible method for change that works every single time

    The deepest core beliefs have been the most difficult thing to change in ourselves and in others. It is because of the lack of a reproducible system for change that many people firmly believe that people can't really change at all.

    The basis of this process for change is that beliefs are formed in emotion. It is through feeling emotion along with one's determining of how things are that beliefs are formed. The stronger the emotion the deeper, more powerful, longer lasting the core belief becomes. In order to change a deep core belief the emotion it was formed in has to be felt again just as it was originally in order to begin the process of change.

    Our feelings are the most powerful gate to permanently changing our thoughts (our beliefs). Our feelings are the doorway to being able to change at the deepest level. You must feel the feeling fully as powerful and as painfully as it is to then open the doorway to have the chance to access change. Once you are feeling the feeling as fully as it truly is then you ask what it is that it really wants you to know, to listen for anything that is the truth. Any negative answer is not the truth. Stay feeling the negative feeling and relaxed. Listen only for the positive answer while feeling the negative feeling. When it comes you will be able to recognize the truth of it by beginning to see the previous negative feeling begin to change when you connect that positive answer you just received into the negative feeling to flow the feeling of the positive answer into the negative feeling to change it. The act of feeling the negative emotion also strengthens us to be able to be emotionally strong enough to find the answer in spite of the pain and also strong enough to hold the connection between the positive and negative to allow the time for the positive feeling to flow into the negative feeling.

    Here are the three steps to Gutap again in a nutshell:
    1) Feel the feeling
    2) Find the answer
    3) Let the feeling of the answer flow in

    Here are the three steps to Gutap again with slightly more description:
    1) Feel the feeling of our limiting belief.
    2) Find what the positive answer is that it actually wants us to know.
    3) Connect the feeling of what it wants us to know and let the feeling of that answer flow into our limiting belief to change it.

    That is as simply as I can put it.

    Connect the old and new feeling and let the new positive healthy answers flow into the negative feeling to change it.

    Double check that the negative feeling is changing, and then completely changes.

    Then there are over three hundred sublevels that involve dealing with every conceivable variation and failings. Obviously it can become extremely complex and almost impossible to follow through once you become triggered. This is just one reason it pays to get help to do this.

    Is there anyone you have ever heard of that can back up a claim like this? I do it through explaining the process, completely and concisely, answering all your questions around personal development, offering client examples of achievement, while demonstrating exactly how this works for you.

    1) Explain it
    a. Connect it to other theories
    b. Fill in the gaps
    c. Explain why other theories don't always work
    2) Show why it works
    a. Built upon other things that do work
    3) Demonstrate in a small example I call the Ice Cream Exercise
    4) Verify it worked

    This system was put together from over twenty-five separate and distinct sources. Some of the sources don't realize the others even exist. They are too busy promoting their own agenda. While others hate each other, fighting among themselves, constantly sabotaging their own development in a shared hatred instead of realizing how they each have a piece of the whole pie. I put it together and filled in several gaps after twenty five years of research and development.

    Let the positive feelings of exactly what the negative belief is trying to teach you flow in to the feeling of the false belief to change it.

    And, yes, the change only takes seconds but it can take days, weeks, months, even years to figure out exactly what something is trying to teach you.

    Toby Jensen - Master Life Coach
    Invest in what works this time.

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    In order for change, you must somehow CHANGE.

    Change doesn't come by itself, change comes through ACTIONS!

    - We must stop with the excuses and start making things happen.

    - We must realize nothing worth having comes easy.

    If you truly desire change you will do whatever it takes to make change happen!
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    Yes I know exactly what you mean.. The scale was an odd obsession I went through weighing myself 3-4 times a day sometimes jumping up 4 pounds or so within moments. I have just come to realize I need to ignore it and only count it once a week or so.. On the upside just pick the lowest one to call your new weight
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    Gee, l just thought that "Buying My S**t" would fix it?

    (Reduced from a 20 page PDF report on why should you buy my s**t and what exactly is s***t).
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    why change perfection?
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    Changes within minutes stem from powerful programming. But you don't realize it at first, only after inner retrospection and much digging. The choices that are made define you. At the end of the day, it's all about choices.

    One example that pops to mind is cases of people who instilled in them an infallible belief system. It took them an average of a few short months to see radical changes. They turned affluent and way above the fold all due to the power of the programming. Some call it a pill for the soul because things eventuate according to your newly set, belief system on a quantum basis.

    You can start by seeing the glass, half full.

    Don't stall your transformation. Yes it takes heaps of "preparation" but the mind is a powerful apparatus once you "join forces" with it. Everything then is so achievable.
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    changes withing minutes -
    sounds like a weather forecast
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  • I think we know we need change but it's not important at the moment. Or maybe it is important but we have nothing pushing us to take action. I'm guilty of this.

    I didn't start my entrepreneurial journey until I was living in my car and working at dunkin donuts. I cancelled all my bills so that I could save up for an online course.*

    Waking up to my sunroof everyday was a reminder that if I don't keep pushing, the days will get shorter and time will catch up to me and before I know it, I'm 55 looking back at what I could have done all this time.

    I think we all just need a reminder. A crucial one, one that'll hit us where it hurts.
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