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May 2005

I had just left my job as a Fortune 100 executive. I was going for my dream of being an entrepreneur full time.
No more salary.
No safety net.
Just me and my dream.


I lost everything and filed bankruptcy - all in four months.

What happened as a result, was the most exhilarating period of my life. I was forced to reinvent myself. Once you've had a bite of the apple, there is no turning back. Although success didn't find me as quickly as I wanted it to, it eventually found me.

It found me because there is no competition at the top. Most people give up on their dream after failing. It's no fun to lose money and pride but what you realize is by getting back up and trying again, you leave all the pretenders behind.
Your vision becomes crystal clear.

I was in the right zip code, just the wrong neighborhood
I knew I had a powerful dream but took the wrong approach the first time.

Thankfully we all get more than one shot. It's up to you whether you want the second shot or not. It's just a decision.

The reason I post this short story is because I see many posts titled:
Should I quit my job?
How do you keep going?

One answer to all of these: Take Action

You will never gain the experience you need if you don't take action.

When I was leaving the bankruptcy trustee's office in 2005, having signed my name on the most humiliating document of my life, the trustee gave me this advice:
"Mr. Crowley, I highly suggest you take a more conservative approach to life and put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold for awhile."

I listened for a moment, then went back to my office to buy an $8 domain name that would launch my real dream - the one I should have went after from the very beginning.
All it took was $8 and I was on my way. The bankruptcy trustee had good intentions in telling me to relax for awhile but didn't understand the Power Of A Dream.

Don't let failure keep you down.
Don't listen to people who don't understand what's inside of you.
Take action and gain momentum. It doesn't matter how small the action, just do something. Once you get going - things will begin to happen that you never would have dreamed.

There's a symphony playing in every cemetery in the world. These are the people who died with the music still in them.

Don't let that be you.

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    This was a very nice post,persistence in the face of adversity is the name of the game.Most people leave the field just when they are on the verge of achieving great success.So its better to go with your hunch,in the directions of your dreams,dealing with obstacles along the way and never losing heart!
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    Hey Sam, awesome Story.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Furtunetly, I didn't have to file bankrupcy,
    I started when I was 19 and now I am 21. But
    I do admire people who have to let go of the past and
    keep going inspight of failure.

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    That's cool dude. A lot people simply keep on dreaming, without ever taking action. But you Did! Congratulations!
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    Very nice! Thanks for posting.

    If you can read this.... thank a teacher.
    If you can read this in English... thank a vet!
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    get story...i have heard that are really over ever free if you are willing to lose everything..in the end it those close to us that are most important.

    Always keep your dream crystal clear in your mind and with emotions, focus and focus more...it will happen..you do not need to know how, only that it will happen

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    I read one of Robert Kiyosaki's books. He said,
    "Success is a bad teacher."
    We learn from our mistakes.
    Every mistake is a stepping stone that brings us closer to success.
    In the words of Kanye West,
    "turn tragedy to triumph".
    In the words of Nike,
    "Just Do It".

    "My Affiliate Marketing Mini Course To Help You Start An Affiliate Marketing Business That Could Generate Passive Affiliate Income For You Every Month, Even If You Are An Internet Newbie!"

    Unlock The Secrets To Wealth Now!

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    "Don't let failure keep you down.
    Don't listen to people who don't understand what's inside of you.
    Take action and gain momentum. It doesn't matter how small the action, just do something. Once you get going - things will begin to happen that you never would have dreamed."

    This is realy inspiring me, Thanks o much for sharing this. I'm focusing of what I'm doing now to reach my dream as well. & I believe I can afford that.

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  • Sam,

    Thank you for telling your story.

    I feel you man.

    I've just quit school to pursue IM full time!

    You are a true inspiration my friend!

    Keep doing what you do!

    Your child is never going to ask "Is tomorrow Saturday?" ever again!



    Sam, knowing what you know now,
    what advice could you give to a fellow
    burn-the-bridges-behind-you guy like me?

    "When you begin devoting your life to a purpose higher than yourself, you begin experiencing life on a level higher than you could have ever imagined!"
    Feel free to visit my blog at AskSaiful.com and enjoy my Morning Motivation Minutes podcast!
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  • Very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.
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    Hi Sam Crowley Thanks for such a nice post

    The people power dream is a myth, a hallucination. We won't be changing anything substantial by changing the head of state--still the same rotten system. Still the same corrupt politicians. Still the same greed motivating business deals, projects, and what-have-you.

    We need to change the hearts of people.
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    Hi Sam,

    I think Thomas Edison had something like 10,000
    failed attempts at creating the light bulb. Each
    time he learned how not to do it.

    Great to hear another success story.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your very inspirational story.
    I am also going after my dreams. I have just been laid off but this time, I will not be looking for another job, but will take this the opportunity I have been waiting to really go after my dream of living my life on my terms and building my own successful online bizz. I am more than committed to my goal and dream.

    One question for you or anyone else: how do you deal with negativity from the people we love the most, like our family and parents who keep on telling us to get a real job and not waste our time with "phony" things like IM? That's my main challenge. So how did you cope with that?



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    Great sam, In real sense that's the characteristic of a true warrior, never giving up even in defeat. Working to turn things around. I had the same experience. Mine was a bit different, I just let myself free fall to the bottom, losing everything i had them, them from nothing started my up again. What is important in this situation is alway maintain your sense of self, who you really are. Its a challenge and a struggle, your self specially your mind is your only support. To people who loses all even loses their sanity, then that's the end of it. In difficult times what our true friend is our self.
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    So true Sam.

    It's amazing what happens when the boat capsizes and we have to sink or swim.

    I have surprised myself to this day and other people continue to surprise me.

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    Yes! I firmly believe in ''the power of dream'' too!! Dreams can motivate ourselves to take action !! Your story is very motivating to me!! Keep it on !!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Lowe
    Taking action is right but you need to take the "right" action. You could be taking action on totally the wrong advice.

    Finding the right action to take could be a little harder.

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