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Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. | James Clear

Interesting article from James Clear. Instead of focusing on the goals he suggests to focus on what he calls "system"; I would call it a process.

His point is important but IMHO balance is required. If we forget go gals then by concentrating on process only, we may go very slow. Compare training in the gym on your own or with an instructor. The instructor pushes you forward, so you go usually faster than without him. If concentrate only on process, we may become too lazy.

Also there are long term goals and short term goals.

However, I agree that 95% of time it's better concentrate on the process and only 5% on the goals (to check from time to time where are we in comparison with goals)
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    Nothing interesting there. Sounds like a guide on how to become a plant.

    If you don't have goals you don't have nothing. No passion, no destiny, no track, no focus. You just go with the flow. You might as well be a paper bag in this situation carried by the wind.

    Forget about process. Progress makes us happy. Goals are rewards for progress. But progress is made daily. So focus on daily progress still aiming for your goals.

    The difference? Progress means becoming better everyday. And that sometimes ( many times ) involves changing the process and making it better.

    Simple as that.
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    Hi King Manu

    Paper bag can't make the process, it may be in the process but it can't put efforts.

    What I liked in this article and what coincides with my experience is that in order to achieve goals better forget about them during the process, and instead concentrate on making this process in the best possible way. I think this is the simple form of detachment.

    For example, you're learning horse riding. Does not matter which your goals are, in each specific moment of the training forget about your goals, and concentrate on the process. Also forget if you're becoming better or worse - this evaluation is just the obstacle. After the training is done, or even better after 5 or 10 trainings are done - analyze your progress and your goals; nobody says to fully forget them.

    So IMHO the correct process is:

    1. Make long term goal (e.g. learn horse riding enough to gallop in the field)
    2. Make short term goal (canter in the arena)
    3. Create the list of actions to do and plan (the process)(take 10 lessons with a trainer twice a week)
    4. Start doing the process; forget totally about your goals; forget about making the progress
    5. From time to time (but not very often) check if you're going in the right direction (check your results); if not good - perhaps required to change something, your trainer, for example.

    The real power is within

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    Have a goal. Build a plan to accomplish it. Break down the tasks into small daily tasks that you need to accomplish. Take action (make daily decisions that match your goals)

    It's that simple. But as always. Why keep it simple when we can complicate the process


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