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Have you ever thought why two people who are doing the same thing working in the same field selling the same thing,
how is it that one is successful and the other one is not?

That is because it is not what you do that determine your success it's how you do it!
That is all that there is to it!, be creative do your thing different than the masses,
make sure that everyone know who you are and make sure they know you are alive.

When i first started my way i was everywhere, i used to go to every party there is, i went to the places that the people
from my area (hi-tech) spend their time, i talked to a lot of people and during the conversation i told them who i am and what i can offer them.

Make new friends!
Today there is a lot of companies that are doing PR (public relations), go to them pay them! the money will come back to you,
you need the publicity!
When i needed publicity i went to the best publicist i can find and i make sure that he will publish my company.

Today you also have the Internet so open a website for your business, go to SEO companies they will publish your website.
Surround yourself with the smartest people possible, they will help you stay creative.
They will help you raise new creative ideas and together they will help you write a plan how to do it.
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    So true. Investing is the best way to earn back. If you are not willing to invest you cant rise up.
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    Thank you for sharing this. I have to agree with you. You have to stand out from the rest. There are a ton of online marketers out there but if you stand out people will go for you. Its not easy but with hard work, i will payoff.
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