Building stronger relationships

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Relationships are the corner stone to anything we want to do or accomplish. Building any kind of strong relationship is simply about adding value. And when we add value we gain influence with that person.

A strong relationship builder is someone who builds up the other person. One of the ways this is done through 'sincere compliments' and not through simple flattery. Generally people can sense that flattery is false and that there are ulterior motives behind it.

This is my favourite quote, "When you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he has got help getting there." I don't use that quote to suggest that you manipulate people, what I mean is that you use each other's strengths to advance.
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    Thanks for sharing this! Having strong AND genuine relationships is very important. If you genuinely care others, they will do the same. Building strong relationships is very important in every aspect of out life. Lets say in business, if you build strong relationships, you build strong networks.
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    So Glad some folk still see the importance of this
    as you can see from my signature it is my way of things.

    Observe how IM language does the opposite ~ subscribers ~ become lists
    people become prospects
    Scarcity and fear is used to manipulate folk to part with money
    often as a hefty OTO or 3 following an irresistible front end slippery slope,
    and so much is predatory and aggressive.
    It's not healthy for customer or vendor
    I've seen it change people as they get immersed in its almost cultists ways.

    Check out The 7 Graces of Marketing
    by Lynn Seraphinn its on Kindle
    It discusses the language and attitude and gives some more relationship building solutions.

    Loving making an abundant living whilst helping make a difference in our wonderful world
    Considering your customer as friend or family engenders trust and loyalty
    If you feel the same and are into such as Green Lifestyles, Alternative Health and Self Dev
    or exploration of more client centred business models it would be lovely to connect
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    I agree, a strong relationship is based on sincerity. Whether in a personal or professional level you need sincere appreciation to build and cement a strong foundation. Flattery is a shallow thing and wise people see beyond the deceit of simple flattery. If you want people to respect and treat you the way you want to be treated then you need to let them see your sincerity.
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    Building a stronger relationship is like building a stronger network. The stronger your relationship is, the better. A stronger relationship means that you have inspired them, helped them and influenced them somehow and I believe thats the best thing other than having a lot of acquaintances.
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