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Hey, this is my very first video I talk in English
I do it for all of you
If you LIKE OR DON'T LIKE something, just give me a feedback. So I can make some better videos for you in the future
Thanks a lot
P/s: My voice is not like that, something happens with the micro

Here is the 3 videos of LOA:
#forever #lazy #procrastination #remove #success
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    Great job for your first video! Keep at it. You will find lots of supportive people in this section who will encourage you as well as openly receive your inspiring words.

    You will only get better. Thanks for sharing this with us and look forward to more of your vids. Keep them coming!

    Never seen the Opus so I have it saved. Thanks again.
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  • Profile picture of the author Timothy James
    Thank you Coach Comeback
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    Nice video..

    Buy a better quality mic and stop breathing into it.


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    The best way to remove your procrastination is to take action on things TODAY. If you wait for the things to be just right for you, you will wait forever.
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    you sound like micheal jackson

    do you sing?
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    Do what excites you and you will procrastinate less. That is much easy to say

    Mat Veni

    seen also on joy reminders

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    • Originally Posted by Mat Veni View Post

      Do what excites you and you will procrastinate less. That is much easy to say
      THIS! Exactly.
      Have passion in an undertaking and you won't be making excuses to yourself.

      I think that whenever you find yourself procrastinating something, you dislike that part.

      The point is:
      There will always be things of which we won't feel strongly about doing, just wait it out until your body adapts to it.
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    why you are procrastinating?
    Because it's your bad habit (for example: play game)! you don't realize but it is
    It's also your lazy
    And when you are lazy, you don't want to think anything
    You just do that bad habit again and again (for example: play game)
    So...what I want is: every time you feel lazy, watch the video
    It's a trick of NLP
    If you do it in about 7 days
    I believe you will have mindset, a goal to take action
    Beyound of that, you will change your habits until you don't realize
    Just don't forget to take action after watching
    If you have a big goal to take action, you don't need to watch these video again
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    This might sound redundant. But I countdown from like 10 or 20 and on 0 I have to make a decision or suffer somekind of consequence.
    But procrastination is sort of like writers block... You gotta bust through the doors with what you have!
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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Kerby
    Thank you for sharing Timothy James!

    Procrastination is like waves coming to shore, it never stops. They only thing that changes is your experience and ability in surfing them

    You can overcome procrastination by finding the cause of it and implementing habits that are congruent with your goals one day at a time. Eventually the ease of this increased exponentially.
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    Great advice. Procrastination is a dream-killer that can't be ignored. It's like driving with the emergency brakes on.

    What works for me is just writing out a to-do-list the night before of everything I need to get done for the next day. Once I wake-up in the morning I refer to my to-do-list and just start going down the list. Once I see something written down I don't question it, I just do it. Every time I complete a task I cross it out and it's like a game to see how many tasks I can complete before the day ends.
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  • Profile picture of the author movemaker
    What I've learned from experience is that success is not merely a mindset but a behavior. A lot of people want to be successful but they are not putting in the work. If you try to always make things easier you will spend too much time focusing on making things more efficient and easier rather than working and getting shit done.

    Procrastination is a behavior. The only way to overcome this is make sure you are productive and stay productive until being productive becomes a habit. Trying to hype yourself up will eventually fade away because there will be days where your not pumped up or motivated to get shit done.

    So if you base your removal of procrastination on emotion you will inevitably fall back to it because there will be days where you don't "FEEL" like doing nothing.

    Repetitions of being productive is the true way to do it in my opinion. Would you rather wait until your passionate or have a psychological wiring that embraces the grind and hustle.

    I had a shitty weekend but I'm starting today on the right foot. I've been up grinding since 6:30 AM creating content and now I'm finished and preparing to send my audio/video files to my transcriber. This past weekend had me down and had I depended on how I feel to get me through the day it would have been a tough one.

    Just get accustomed to putting in work. Eventually it will be habit and that's when results come.
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    I am following David Allen's 2 minute rule. If I can do something in two minutes, I will get it over and done with.

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    Well, I think that many people become really motivated when they don't have any other option... like burn the bridges.
    Or how that leader burned the ships his army came in and said the enemy burned them... so they couldn't retreat, only be victorious or die.
    There's a lot to be learned from that.
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  • Well, some people are gifted in this respect. So, I admire the resolution. Let's just hope it's not similar to some New year type of goal.
    Yours seems serious. Good luck mate.
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    • Good Job on your first video! Couple things, what audio software are you using and what mic are you using? Do you have a pop filter installed on it? Seems to be picking up some feedback, or rubbing somewhere... Let me know and I can help you improve your Audio quality I am getting into Pod casting and Info videos myself and have some great free software and tips for you to try.

      Always strive for success.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Vodini
    quite interesting and very good video, congratulation! but keep your mic away from your mouth. cheers
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    Nice Video Man And Good Choice Of Videos

    The Trick Is Conscious Awareness, Once You Realize And Accept You Procrastinate...You Need To Sit Down And Plan Out Your Day And Its Important You Stick To It And Try Get Into The Habit Of Completing Your TO-DO List

    Because We Are Habitual Creatures, After Doing Something Regularly, We Start To Do It Unconsciously (Check Out "Automatic System And Reflective System")

    Hope This Helps
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  • Profile picture of the author George Flm
    Why asphyxiate with conventionalism when there's so much abundance found aplenty in the Universe.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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  • Profile picture of the author winnermarketing
    I think the most important things are:

    - if you want to start an activity DON'T set a date in which you start, BUT START NOW
    - WRITE A LIST of things to do

    Another thing.... if you inverst resource and energy to study how don t waste your time it means...
    ....... you are wasting your time! Don t study how to start, just start!!

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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