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If you have to choose 3 of your best advises, which are they? Thank you in advance!
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    FOCUS.Know what you want to achieve and drive all your energy towards it to succeed.

    A self Reflection Workbook
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      Originally Posted by nyawinojoe View Post

      FOCUS.Know what you want to achieve and drive all your energy towards it to succeed.
      I agree, and minimise distractions! That's easy if you love what you do. and you have a common desire to succeed.
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    It is a very good one!
    Somebody else?
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      1. Don't fall for the shiny object syndrome. There will be big promises made by these shiny, shiny's but most are false.

      2. This is a business, treat it like one. Show up for work, ready to go to work every day. Work 1st play later.

      3. Build a list. And when you're super successful, remember what got you there and build your list.

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    Originally Posted by J123 View Post

    If you have to choose 3 of your best advises, which are they? Thank you in advance!
    1. Focus on quality. 50+ competitors are selling your product, your customer goes shopping - why do they choose yours? Why do affiliates want to promote you, and recommend you, when there's someone with a more solid track record?

    Because you provide a level of results no one else can, and people want to share your work with the world because it's so good.

    2. Master the fundamentals once you understand why you're doing what you're doing, you know how to walk in to any situation and do everything perfectly.

    3. Follow your passion. If you do something the next 5, 10, 20 years, and it doesn't contribute to the bigger picture of the world, you'll look back, have bought things and spent money, but you left no impact on the world, and didn't really do anything that makes you unique or special.

    Create value for others, and focus on doing great work.
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    Never trust any people. Anyone can betray with you only your sweat will never cheat with you.
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    be humble , be ambitious and always be the hardest worker in the room.
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  • 1. Learn how to make money for free. Make money without spending any money up front. Learn how to build free cash generating machines online.

    2. Learn how to automate the process of making money, so that you can even make money while you are sleeping.

    3. Learn how to create professionally produced video products (Preferably a recoding from your high ticket live event you host) to sell as your high priced back-end offer online in your sales funnel. Then scale your business to a six or seven figure passive income per year business very fast.
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    correct spelling is a definite asset
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    Learn how to market online.

    Learn how to work with the right affiliate programs that can bank you the most money.

    Learn how to work on yourself.
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    Find someone who has already achieved what you want
    Build a plan
    Take action until success


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    1. If it’s too good to be true it usually is. This is related to get-rich-quick scams and other propaganda that we can see on the internet. Don’t fall victim to these.

    2. Failure is not permanent, quitting is. Life is not always a bed of roses and it’s not every day that you are going to win, that doesn’t mean that you should quit if you fail. If you fail, try again, if you fail again try harder until you get it right.

    3. In everything, be disciplined. Disciplined people succeed better because they know better not to waste time procrastinating. They act and don’t play victim. They work their asses off to see their ventures succeed.
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