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I am in the process of getting my MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) certification. Here in the state of Florida we are required to take a 20 hour NMLS Safe course. In the middle of the 2nd day the instructor asked the class if anyone out of the entire group of 50+, were real estate agents. Now, what happened next stuck out to me and I continued to question for a couple of days after witnessing it. No one else seemed to notice or at least it appeared as though no one else noticed, but as the class answered the instructor’s question the most peculiar thing stuck out to me.

Half of the class all raised their hand's. That in it of itself isn’t strange but seeing they were ALL, every last one, sitting on the same side of the room (right side, facing north) nagged at me. For the next minute or so I tried to observe and deduce as much information as I could on this group before having to get back to taking notes. Here in South Florida, we have a pretty diverse melting pot. As I panned over the class, young, old, all races, colors, creeds, and income levels (based by dress and mode of transportation), it seemed as though nothing about these people were the same, other than they all were realtors, going for their MLO cert. and all just randomly chose to sit on the same side of the room.

I’m not a brain scientist, but I do have a pretty big interest in the subject. So I have spent a bit of time studying why and how we do the things that we do. I have had some pretty eye opening experiences in my own life that have really come to show me the power of the human brain. I could be wrong, but I believe that what connected that group was a combination of similar attitude and decision making. Even though they all came from different backgrounds and walks of life, they all were at the same place in their action/goal criteria. This in turn caused a similar mental attitude and aligned their decision making.

Even though I don’t believe in coincidence, maybe if just one person out of the (roughly) 25 people sat on the opposite side of the room, I could have just let it go. Yet, not one did… In my humble opinion this is just another one of the many reasons to see that success starts in the mind before anything else. I also hold to the belief that whatever we believe and hold deepest to us, comes out in our actions and words. If you are a jaded person your words and actions are going to express that, even at the smallest of scales (think of how this would effect your decisions and actions, and even worse your sales copy). Take a long hard look at yourself, what is it that you chose to believe? Because this and not the next WSO, coaching program, strategies, or techniques is really going to get, and keep you at the level of success you want to achieve.

▪ Be honest with yourself. It is not always the easiest thing to do, but seriously imperative.
▪ Understand that you don’t always have to have the answers, but a persistence to find them.
▪ Sharpen your strengths and find the ability to spin your negatives into positives.
▪ Take COMPLETE responsibility for yourself.
▪ Find a way to be grateful for all that you have and everyone in your life (yes, even the people and situations you dislike).

Solutions and answers are all around you, but its your job to see and understand them. Unfortunately, no one is going to ensure your success like you would for yourself. There are many fantastic people on this forum and other forums who all provide amazing products and services but none of them can make you a successful person. You have to do that.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, MAKE MISTAKES! Its ok to make a mistake, its not ok to let the mistake make you. You are not a product of the events and circumstances that happen to you. You “are” a product of “your” reaction/decision to said circumstances. The focus shouldn’t be to prevent mistakes but how to mitigate loss. There is just no way around it. Seriously, every one stumbles… Just look at the founder of Honda. ( Honda Worldwide | History | The "Joy of Manufacturing" / 1936 )

I won’t lie and tell you that all these words come from an über successful IMer. By everyone else’s standards of what success is (in terms of IM), I am not. But, I am a successful person and more than confident that with the correct attitude and approach I will achieve success in IM and anything else I chose to do, because I won’t accept any other result. I can personally attest to a major difference in what comes to me on all different levels as soon as I made this shift in attitude and decision making.

So, I would like to challenge the beginners. Where are you creating obstacles for yourself? Can you be honest with yourself about them? Will you change them? Will you believe in yourself? Will you truly commit to your own success? No one CAN do it for you. Will you show yourself some love and consideration by working from an approach that will help better your chances? Will you shift your focus into the areas which will help bring success?

Just food for thought.
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