5 Most important life decision (DO THIS NOW)

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the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.

Most live a mediocre life because they never sit down with a pen and paper to make 5 important decisions about their life.

1. Decide where you want to live

No one said you should live where you're born. No one said you should live where your job is. No one said you should live where your family and friends are. No one said you can't learn a new language and live abroad. The world is big and there is plenty of opportunities awaiting for you. Get some balls and actually decide where YOU want to live.

Be open, flexible and explore. This is a great place to get started:

The best place to live in the world

2. Decide your income

How much do you want to make per year? $100,000 per year? $1M per year? If you don't decide for yourself, your boss and the economy will. And guess what? It won't be much!

Write: I Earn $ ______ Per Year By 31.12.2016

3. Decide your net worth

How much net worth do you want to hit this year. A good benchmark is to target a 20% increase of your current net worth every year. If you don't know your net worth and set a clear target, how do you expect to get ahead financially?

Calculate your net worth: How to calculate your net worth
Write: I Have A Net Worth of $ ______ By 31.12.2016

4. Decide your ideal partner

How many times do we get in relationships with the wrong person? But we can only blame ourselves if we don't take the time to decide what we want and don't want in a partner.

Write 10 attributes of your ideal partners (must list)
Write 10 things you don't want in your ideal partner (must not list)

5. Decide your ideal body

How much you want to weight? What body type you want? If you don't write it down, you'll probably end up overweight or not in the best shape of your life.

When you have your 5 decisions list read it every day (morning and before going to bed).

You might be inspired to edit your list over time. It's absolutely fine. Because you're already on the right track to live a life by design rather by default.

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    Not many people realize but having ideal body that reflects your success is just as much important.. thanks for the article..
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    It was only a few months ago I started thinking this seriously, and you're right. You just have to take a step back, assess everything and make important decisions. I'm already seeing great progress which is very exciting
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    Those are some really important questions to ask yourself. It is fine to write down the list but one of the main things is to remember to read it every morning, maybe make copies to stick up around your work space and home.

    You need to remember it, so you can continually move towards it.Too many times it has happened to me that I've made a similar list and after a couple of weeks have forgotten about it and moved back to my old habits.

    Thanks for the post,

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    Everybody doesn't realize those 5 things. But it's most important for life to live on. Thanks for your great suggestion. I'll keep this in my mind.
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