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You know living in a constant state of "BLAH" get's old pretty quick.

Getting up at the butt crack of dawn to go to a job you would rather not have.

Bringing the same bologna sandwich for lunch every day.

Watching the same reruns of Seinfeld every evening. (I like Seinfeld too)

You know... Just "BLAH"...

Wouldn't it be nice to NOT have to do the same thing day after day.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do what ever the hell you wanted to do and not
worry about money.

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep in every day if you wanted.

You know what?

It's time you stop it!

It's time you nut up or shut up.

It's time you get to it and be somebody.

It's time you DARE TO BE GREAT!

Talk soon,

~~ Gary
#dare #great
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    Well said! It's about time to stop it!
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    Gary --

    Is everything OK with you?

    I paid you $1297 for your program, but now you aren't responding to me on Skype / phone / email or here --

    I wrote you more details in an open letter on your WSO thread at -- did you see it?

    Would love to hear back that all is well and you'll honor your promises -- take care
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    Yes it is....find your calling/passion/purpose and you'll never live another Blah day in your life.
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