The Secret To Happiness & Fulfillment

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Your emotions and thought patterns are fully out of your control. Or they seem to be..

You feel as if you can't accomplishing anything; you're always thinking about failure. So now you're just completely lost with no sense of direction in life. I've felt that way before.

Or you may actually be happy and fulfilled but just wanna know the secret. Which really isn't much of a secret at all. Humanity needs to practice this one technique as it would most certainly be a remarkable beginning to a greater collective enlightenment. The technique is:

Mindfulness. Becoming fully aware of yourself at the present moment without judgment is the key to living a fulfilled life.

Start noticing little things that you do everyday like eating, or opening the door. Turn on your senses and feel the doorknob while you gaze at the little details on the door as your opening it. Eat your food, slowly. And be grateful each time you bite down because some humans on this earth don't get the chance to eat whenever they feel like it. But when they do, I guarantee you that they appreciate every second of it.

Meditation helps with being mindful also and many successful people are actively meditating daily. It's become an everyday ritual for me.

Practice being mindful of your everyday life and you will start to see a positive change in your life.

Cheers to everyone,

Jordan S. Daniels
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    not so much out of your control..

    the main thing to become more mindfull or aware of..

    what has helped me make huge personality changes a more positive direction..

    A ) is not so much the fiber details of the world around you..but how things effect your emotional state ..the if i stay in this spot.. these things in the area may negativly effect or positively effect my mood .

    and B ) awareness of your intent for being there..and honesty over the effect you let things have on you .

    the key to thought pattern they are pattern and have a cause and a beggining might be real difficult to get out of the pattern when you are deep into it .. but if you become aware of the entire pattern and when the start of the pattern shows up..and can be much easier to to disconect and jump onto a different pattern .

    but we want to have will power..and suck it up and deal with it and we pride ourselves on the fires we put out..not the ones we donlt let start ..

    i have bi polar disorder ..and can feel the chemicle shift that will put me in a depressed state.. which give me a choice ..i can go with it ..and get out the mental list of reasons to to be depressed and have the pity party ,, or do i take a 20 minute nap ..which sometimes is the best way to reset this ..

    be mindfull and aware of the effect things have on you
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    Sometimes life is a reservoir of resentment, you just have to let it go, let it deflate and then you'll see more of an opportunity on the horizon.
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    I try to meditate every single morning. This is something that has helped me in business tremendously. Before I would start working on the computer and it was so easy for me to get distracted and I began to realize that I was losing a lot of time in my business.

    I started to meditate early in the morning and I am happy to say that this has helped me to stay focused for longer when working. Its kind of the same thing that you said. Meditation helps me to be a lot more mindful in my day which helps me to get more work done day to day.
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      I use to feel as if I couldn't control my emotions at times. It was a time when I was suicidal to be more blunt about it..

      I learned to start letting go of things which help me with controlling my mental again.

      With that being said, being mindful doesn't necessarily mean conquering or controlling your emotions. It just means becoming aware of them. It's just up to you to start "controlling" your mind and steering it in the positive direction when negative thoughts occur.

      If you aren't mindful though, you're emotions are likely to be chaotic until you choose to deeply acknowledge them.

      Meditation is wonderful mindfulness practice too that I do. It helps with a lot of things but a very important one is that it increases self-awareness.

      Live and embrace every moment of your life. Be mindful of the little things and you'll realize beautiful things that you never known existed.

      Jordan S. Daniels
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    Great thread Jordon. So enlightening and something I that has always appealed to me but never got round to doing. Things are going to be changing thanks to you buddy!
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    Your comment:" Practice being mindful of your everyday life and you will start to see a positive change in your life." The keyword for me in that sentence is "Mindful."

    Earlier this year, I took a course on Mind Power. It basically states, "Change your mind, Change your life. "

    Thank you for the share.

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      Thank you guys so much!

      I didn't see a lot of posts discussing "Mindfulness", and I've been reading a ton about the topic. It is an important life concept and method that should be talked about more.

      Mindfulness helps entrepreneurs focus more on important tasks in work mode while simultaneously fully enjoying theirs mini-vacations (Moments away from work; we all need breaks here and there).

      Therefore, your work will be done at the best of your ability and those mini-vacations will be an epic memory to you. This is happiness and fulfillment, or at least, part of it.

      Be positive and smile my friends. Be you.

      Jordan S. Daniels
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    In all my deeds may I probe into my mind,
    And as soon as mental and emotional afflictions arise-
    As they endanger myself and others-
    May I strongly confront them and avert them.
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    Man I love Warrior Forum.

    I am currently reading Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

    From the book:

    <quote begins>

    What is mindfulness?

    It's helpful to look at the definition others use, so that we can see how our exercises build on, and sometimes deviate from, the common understanding of mindfulness. Wikipedia observes: "Mindfulness is 'the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment,' which can be trained by meditational practices."

    That's a nice start, but does that definition clarify the concept for you? It doesn't for me. I have been applying mindfulness to my own life for more than 15 years, and still that dictionary definition tells me nothing specific or useful. It is too vague to be of any practical value. To understand mindfulness better, let's start with something more concrete. Sometimes it's helpful to think of the opposite of a concept in order to appreciate the concept. We all understand what it means to be mindless: low consciousness, distracted, and unaware.

    Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessness. Mindfulness is high consciousness.

    Here is how I view mindfulness.

    Mindfulness is freedom from anxiety or worry.
    Mindfulness is perception, not judgment.
    Mindfulness is getting out of your head and getting into your body.
    Mindfulness is checking in to the present moment.
    Mindfulness is being in the zone or in flow state.
    Mindfulness is being present and engaged.
    Mindfulness is being rather than doing.
    Your view of mindfulness may differ, and that's totally cool. This is not a book where we argue with one another or prove the other person wrong.

    <quote ends>
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    Thanks for the insights! I agree that practising mindfulness and living in the present moment is extremely important. I too enjoy meditating and making it part of a habit or ritual is definitely the secret. Mindfulness takes us away from FEAR and worry. It brings our mind back into the present moment and into the body.

    Here's my observation: if you start practising mindfulness, you automatically start feeling more gratitude in your life. I also believe that practising mindfulness will help your memory. If you're expressing gratitude for the current moment, you're telling your long-term memory that this is worth recording.

    Make it habit & enjoy the process!
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