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why the focus on doing this to become rich verse say just finding a better way to earn the money to support a lifestyle you want ?

or does andone who does want the big house with the expensive nice cars and the first class trips around the world somehow have something wrong with them?

we live in a time of unprecedented and growing opportunities for people to build a lifestyle based on what they actually want .

where we currently have amodel that was only around a bit more than 40 years ..where everyone was expected to try and live in the biggest house they could..own the nicest cr .. chase money to buy stuff they where never really able to use because they where working so much ,,

so they would drive too work in the nice car they buy every three years ,, to pay the mortgage for the big house and the credit card bills for the stuff in the big house ,, and the utility bills to keep all that stuuf warm in the winter and cool in the summer while they where away working ,, eating cheap take out food or pricey reseraunt food ..because they duidn't have the time or energy to cook .

then they retired and instead of golden years to enjoy .. many are on a broken system of fixxed income where ..and still paying of the mortgage.. while choseing to either use what little money is left to buy medications or food.. or pay for doctors bills..and ever higher utility bill to heat and cool their homes .

and after a lifetime of taking the safe path .. they die from either doctor errors..accidental suicide by taking medications wrong ,, or some disease from the cheap food they ate their entire lives .

many people who are looking at the forums still work from the mindset.. of trying to get rich before they hit that point they can work any more..or trying to retire ..because they know they won't retire if they continue working ,, for other people.

seeing my parents health decline and eventual pass on.. because i took care of them the last few years of their lives ,, and the mutiple visist to the doctor ..

anyway the whole system is broken ,, and if you think just getting rich will protect you ,, it cost close to 100 k for a heart attack.. and if you eat a standard american diet your chance of develping diabities or a cancer go up dramatically ,,

the biggest thing you can do for your health either you or a loved one prepare or cook as many of the meals you eat as possible ..the biggest support of that is to live somewhere you have a yard and can grow at least some of your own veg ..

hand in hand with doing what you need to do to earn money now..also spend money ways that will reduce future expenses . and stop taking on debt for things that rost rot and lose value ..

most wealthy people buy high quality used cars .. but the save that money up and buy that car with cash ,, when you add up the extra amount of money it cost when you purchase with debt.. it is 2 to 3 times the original price .

if you don't have the money for something wait until you earn it to buy it .

if you can eat something while driving a car a decent or high speed ..with one and on the steering wheel. it is probably bad for you ,,

instead of trying to make a huge amount of money to hand off to your kids.. and have them turn out messed up..and hating you .develop positive healthy wealth and lifestyle habbits ..and pass those off to your kids..while you live to 90 or 100 plus years old .

taxes are your biggest lifetime expense.. maximising income.. just means you pay as much taxes as possible
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    Money is overrated; can't bring you happiness but having a programmable mindset that is rife of pleasant thoughts and memories can and will add to your overall happiness. I take gigantic joy exploring the less crossed paths of the psyche and that brings me prodigious satisfaction. Just take at look at inception. Memories are everything.
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    The reason that most online opportunities are marketed as "get rich" or "amazing wealth" programs is that they are marketed to people that are stuck in an unfulfilling job, and thus need these "dreams" to make their life bearable.
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    As an Entrepreneur making X amount of money is all part of the process/achievement.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Hi O,

    I love my freedom My intent is to free myself and my audience, whatever that version of freedom means to them.

    I have a successful doctor buddy who acquires plenty of stuff because he loves stuff and he loves living in his home town, where he enjoys his stuff. Top of the line Porsche, BMW motorcycle superbike, pretty sweet stuff!

    I enjoy freeing experiences. I have lived in Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica, and Thailand, and about 10 other places for months at a time. I do not prefer to acquire stuff and the irony is, being true to my freeing intent has helped me make more money, doing less stuff, each month.

    Some market get rich quick or get stuff now because they follow the herd. Others feel stuff will make them happy. A select few genuinely love having stuff. Interesting study, indeed.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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