Why are you doing this?

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Why are you in the internet marketing industry? What lead you to becoming an entrepreneur?..

Is it your story of hitting rock bottom in life? And then, finding a purpose?

I did. I was suicidal. But I'm alive now. Why?

Simply because theirs light to every darkness. And I seen that light, and fought for it.

I succeeded. And started reading a ton of self-help books and other subjects too like philosophy and science. I caught a pattern from what I was reading, it was like signs.

It lead me to this understanding that life is something big. Really big. I'm sure that sounds so obvious but look around, how many people take life for granted? A whole lot, unfortunately.

So, before you die, I encourage you, who's reading this right now, to make a huge impact on this world! Go out with a "Bang" like Spike Spiegel.

Like Elon Musk. Uhm. Dying on Mars sounds super exciting to me.

What are you doing to change the world? And why?

I want to know!


Jordan S. Daniels
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    I grew up in a white collar family. Followed the default path.. Going to college, getting a degree, getting a good job.

    I hated it! it was just not for me. Working for yourself, being able to grow a business and create stuff is what I like doing.


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    I got involved with IM because it came highly recommended by Palm Beach Financial. Their goal was to help people like me who do not have a substantial retirement, build a business to make extra income for it.

    My highest concern are my 3 children and their future. If I learn it at my age and am successful, how much more for them.

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    Because being my own boss+working from wherever I want=freedom to me.
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    Hi, I'm glad you started this post!
    I've always rebelled against doing the normal thing, and against all my regular jobs I had. I got into IM because like you I hit rock bottom, and then I found a way to turn my life around. I found a way to fight the mediocrity of how I had been living. I've now fully changed the path from being mediocre to having created the life of my dreams. I get to get paid to help other people take practical steps to becoming who they are capable of. When I meet with my clients I see more potential in them than they see! I get to hold them to a higher standard, and I get to work with them to help them completely turn their lives around. I went through 17 years of thinking I was doing stuff because I was reading and I was spinning my wheels, only to find out that I never actually did anything. So now that I've figured out real steps to getting power back in our lives I get to teach others how to get their power!
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      And power is freedom. Especially when you are complete self-reliant.

      Working for someone isn't self-reliant because you have to depend on them to give you the same check every week, rather than building your own company into a million dollar franchise.

      It's talked about in the book The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent.

      But, I've come to an understanding that every person is born to find their purpose, even if it's multiple purposes. And find the drive and passion behind it and live on with fire.

      I didn't want to live a mediocre life, so I chose to find my life's task and master it - until I'm dead.

      Jordan S. Daniels
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