Being Successful by helping others

by monsur
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Most people conceive success is a termination of what they do... but success is really
a termination of what we can support others do. So we should try our utmost to help others if we really want success.

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    Yes, that's true. We get the success by helping others, and share to them what we had achieved. And I believe that's the true meaning of success.
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      This is an ancient asian philosophy,You present situation is a mirror of how you have treated others.
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    Very interesting. I joined a marketing class and threw myself into the work and also supported other students. The pay off now is incredible, I have people wanting to promote my products, I have been asked to JV several times, I have established myself in this group as someone everyone wants to help because I helped them first. It is simply the best thing we can do. Give of yourself freely and expect nothing in return. You will reap the rewards of your generosity, maybe not now, but certainly in the future.

    Enjoy the journey.

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    Originally Posted by monsur View Post

    Most people conceive success is a termination of what they do... but success is really
    a termination of what we can support others do. So we should try our utmost to help others if we really want success.

    And a great way to start is to be helpful and thankful here on the forum.

    Helping others by sharing is a truly rewarding thing and it's nice to pass along any knowledge that might help

    Very True!
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    This is very much true. For you to call yourself successful is for you to share all the knowledge you acquire. Helping others achieve is a gain for you.
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    Yes its true and you needed to share what you have don't become too greedy. Share the small knowledge that you know that would help or support others. Helping and supporting each other is really a great honor.
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    if you ask me, thats the best way to earn a living!
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    Unfortunately not everybody thinks like you do.
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    This si very true - very soon i will be helping people all across the world with my skills. It is very true, should always help people that want to learn.
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    Two words may help here...

    Givers Gain!

    But do not give to gain - that would be trading.

    Give because you wish to and the universe will
    reward you greatly.

    It's that simple.

    Geoff Carter
    Business Success Consultant
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    I couldn't agree with you more, and everyone else who has commented and agreed.

    If you help others with the sole purpose of wanting to help them succeed, and because you simply enjoy giving and helping others, you will earn yourself a good reputation. And that on it's own is success.
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    That's the best thing you could ever do to gain self humility from helping others as much as you can and as positive as it can be...

    PS: "Do unto others what others want you to do unto you".

    Happy new Year 2019

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    Moreover - to put this in a practical sense of what it is that we do in the IM space - the more you share with people (the secrets you've discovered in the trade) - tghe more inclined people are to have you do it for them...... interesting but true!
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    Excellent thread. Helping other people achieve there dreams and goals can be very rewarding also.

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    I'd like to disagree a tiny bit. Literally, success would mean 'achieving your goal'.

    But then... we always need others, and people notice when you're just using them. Seriously caring for others, helping them, is one of the strongest way to build relationships.

    A little anecdote: I used to work in a small IT consulting firm. I never was really selfish, I usually think of the greater goals (e.g. growing the company, not just my own career). Unlike most others in that company.
    Often when I helped colleagues, made suggestions, did some work to help them out, they would respond like "what do you want in return?". I felt a bit naive at the time, since it was not my style of thinking.

    If you compare that with the warriorforum... Most of us are competitors, and still helping each other out, sharing information, documents, special offers, etc.

    The Online Business Architect

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    I've read this alot of times from very succesful people and millionaires where they have been asked what the key to success or wealth is for them and the've all said that it is to GIVE. So it's a true aspect the more you give the more you receive in return.
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    I think helping others is one of the many ways of being successful Most of us are so fortunate to have what we have right now. The common problems that we face are such as "too much work to do", "not sure which movie to watch", "too many assignments" etc BUT they are so many people in the world that have much bigger problems such as food, health, education etc........lets help others as much as we can. Personally, I sponsor 2 kids via World Vision and Compassion.....

    Michael T
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    This is the goal of my new site! Giving back/helping others like I was first assisted when starting online.

    The main focus of the site is showing the new/moderately new guy/gal how to make money online....I'm only adding content that I know works!

    Also, offering free coaching, even though it's a new site, I've already had several people that I've helped, makes me feel darn good, I tell ya!

    Of course I have "some" products that I'm charging for ( just the entrepeneur in me)lol....but there at a lower price than I have been selling them for.

    I was just helped so much when I first started out (2003), that even though it's taking up considerable amounts of my time, I felt is was something I needed to do and should have done a long time ago!

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    Zig Ziglar said "In order to have everything you ever wanted out of life you got to help enough people get what they want out of life." This statement by Zig is so true!

    Judah Swagerty,

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