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I've decided to share from one of my (copyrighted) writings adapted for use as source material for my workshops on Natural Success and the my course "Cognitive Mentoring Therapy Certification II" It focuses on the middle finger as treated under my own natural teaching methodology with my cognitive mentoring methodology interspersed throughout.

Though admittedly alarming, I chose it not for any insulting associations, but because it is associated with the issue of productivity and staying on task for our own Natural Success achievement.

For clarity and practical application, I have also added (internet marketer) and other adaptations for applicability to warriors and our business pursuits in particular.

I offer it as my 1,000th post in hopes it will help a few warriors find what they may be lacking in order to finally achieve their breakthrough. Here's to your NATURAL SUCCESS!

Middle Finger
3rd finger

The third and middle finger is usually the longer of the digits. It towers slightly above the rest. It is, as its length testifies to, the measure of our ability. It doesn't mean that those with longer middle fingers can do more than those with shorter ones. It is a personal best measurement. It is only symbolic that we must possess abilities to perform those things that we need to in order to manifest our natural and true success.

Ironically, the middle finger is used mostly for derogatory motioning - unfortunately. The fact that the middle finger is commonly used to signify something derogatory only testifies to the ignorance we live with in this society. Showing ones abilities could never be derogatory to another unless ones abilities are self evaluated as crappy and foul smelling enough so as to raise it as an offense. When we stick up the middle finger in this fashion we are only making fools of ourselves and "dissing" our very own abilities to get anything done.

Task Ability
Tasks are small units of work or effort. They are supposed to be small parts of a larger project or goal. This is the essential ability toward goal reaching. Without ability and skill at identifying tasks and accomplishing them, we cannot become successful at any endeavor.

The fact that our middle fingers are the lengthiest of our digits signifies that we should be adept at task identification and accomplishment more than any other life skill. The main framework of teaching and modeling for a child (internet marketer) should be that of task identification and accomplishment.

Although in most learning engagements, the teacher is the one who defines the tasks for the student, in some higher learning methods, the student is mentored into defining tasks toward a mutually desired outcome according to the student's own needs and cultural realities (Dewey). This is by far the better option for it enhances the student's ability to set goals and achieve them through the practice of identifying tasks and completing them toward success. I believe that the present educational system is designed, therefore, to strip away most individual's innate ability to succeed and replace it with a dependency on others to set tasks for them to do. They are then automatons in a society fashioned to inhibit individuality and self expression in lieu of mass group think and culture which most of them consider "life" and "the way it is".

Task Identification
Task identification is the skill applied after setting a goal, reasoning the amount of steps needed to reach that goal, in which we define clearly and exactly what each step must entail for the desired outcome to be achieved. These steps are tasks that must be completed. This skill requires a keen reasoning mind. Practicing this skill can be easily incorporated into any family culture by simply using a portion of every evening to sit down with the family to deal with issues of life and ask the children what steps are needed to resolve this or that or get one thing or another accomplished. Involving the children is a vital family activity that teaches the children how to deal with life's problems and how to solve them. (Basically, what should and could be done on this forum or in any mentoring / coaching program).

A good starting point is using the middle finger itself. It is divided into three sections - so that we can take any goal and divide it into three main steps. These steps can be further divided by threes until we have simple tasks that can be easily completed to resolve to the goal. Here is where the thinking caps need to come on.

Where is that gaming expertise now? First shooters wanted to sharp shoot the reaching of goals! This daily task practice can be made into a game to see who can better layout the tasks necessary to complete certain projects or to resolve family (IM) issues. This exercise addresses the child's (internet marketer's) need to learn how to resolve problems, how to set goals, how to reach them and helps the family resolve its issues as a unit rather than just mom or pop alone. Sometimes the children can come up with pretty interesting ways of resolving issues or resolving problems. We must give all a chance to express themselves and put into practice many other skills they have been taught in school and from the family unit itself.

The same holds true for the workplace where we have team members, co-workers and executives who all meet to resolve issues and to brainstorm. The need for establishing goals and identifying relevant tasks are vital if a business is going to stay competitive and succeed.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

The Dissection of the Goal

The Dissection of the Goal

The head is the final analysis (Thinking)if the task has been done and completed correctly. It is the verification process where we review the process or action to see if all was done correctly and where, if needed, changes need be made to any part of our task.

Here is where the process of the action occurs. The experience of hands comes into play (or hands on experience). Mentors are at hand to guide the hands of the inexperienced.

This is the necessary knowledge needed to complete the task. Both spiritual & physical (kinetic) knowledge is tapped for any action. We must take note if indeed we have sufficient understanding and experience to undertake the action. Education is always the first step before attempting any task. The question must be asked, "Do I know all I need to in order to accomplish the task?"

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

NOTE: One can note that all the fingers have this same pattern of the double joint line between the A and the S.K. sections. In the thumb, it is also repeated though many may say that the thumb only has the T and A sections. In fact the thumb has all three. The thumb actually descends into the hand where its opposable joint actually forms ¼ of the hand palm - this palm section is actually the S.K. section of the thumb finger.

The Nature of the Task
Once completed, we obtain the goal that was set. This is essential for successful living. It is as simple as closing a door after oneself. It is astonishing how many people have an issue with such a simple task as closing a door. I find that when people find a closed door, they open it to go through and cannot seem to return the door to its exact state of closure as when they found it. Seemingly, this is why we have those automatic door closers. Closing a door that was found closed is a small task that many people lack the ability to complete correctly. We must be careful to ensure that as we mentor our children that we assure for them an understanding of completing tasks no matter how menial they may seem.

Things done haphazardly are the main reasons goals never get reached. How can our children (Internet marketers) succeed in a world where "close a door" means to leave it ajar? Just pushing a door behind you does not ensure that is gets closed. Not caring to take care in this small task means that the individual is not careful in issues of life, work, nor family - things will be missed or overlooked. These things destroy the chance of goals being ever achieved in life. The small details will also skew a persons life drastically. How many a time has a person's life has gone into an entirely different direction due to a slight oversight of theirs? Close the door! I guess those that don't can get the middle finger...maybe to remind them that they are not completing simple tasks!

Knowledge / Experience of Task
Tasks must be practiced in order that they be effectively actuated in the attainment of goal progression. Life is our best teacher. We complain when life teaches us. We are constantly taught, but we fight against teaching at every turn. We hate to deal with challenges. Some of us say that we are not into this or that in order to avoid having to practice a task or expose ourselves to new learning.

Just recently, a student of mine had a wonderful opportunity to learn new things and gaining a cognitive benefit from using a different video game console (brand) for a period of two weeks. Science tells us that by doing things in different ways, we help our brains develop new pathways and we become smarter, better able to deal with changing situations. This is called ill-structured problem solving. This skill is the beginning of cognitive thinking and should be highly desirable to those who truly want and hunger after knowledge.

But, of course, the student chose not to suffer the re-training of the mind toward domination of two distinct gaming systems. And you should have heard the excuses posed! When learning is prized, it matters not what quality of barbell you use - what matters is the context - that it weigh so that a benefit be had.

We all do the same in life. We want not to change and learn new things. We want to stay with the familiar and denigrate any other way so as to justify our cognitive stagnation.

---------------end of excerpt with some modifications as explained above ----------------

Well, that is my little share and I hope it helps somebody (even just one) find their way.
And now I proceed to 1,001.

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