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    In The Post COVID-19 World, Zoom Is Set to Stick Around

    A new article on Forbes reports that In the pre-pandemic world, most of us had limited knowledge or interest in the subject of video-conferencing software company Zoom. The company was ... [read more]

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    Infographic: The Best Times to Post on Social Media During 2021 and Beyond

    Social Media Today illustrates that if you want to make the most of social media posts and promote maximum engagement, it helps when you know the ideal posting times for ... [read more]

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    TikTok Added a New Q&A Option That Enables Fans to Post Questions for Creators

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that TikTok is trying to prompt more engagement on the platform between creators and fans with the launch of a new Question ... [read more]

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    Facebook is Testing a New Post Composer Designed to Make it Easier to Add Your Recent Photos

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that the social media platform is currently trying out a relatively minor update. The author, however, thinks Facebook should have gone in ... [read more]

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    Inspirational Quotes for Encouragement - Post Yours

    GT in

    Hello, Warriors: There is a quote I planned to share here and then I thought, why not start a thread where members can post similar inspirational thoughts and quotes? We ... [read more]

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    Am I Only Allowed To Post Here

    Glynn Sole in Beginners Area

    Hi, I've just joined WF and tried to ask a question in the social media thread, got a pop up saying I can't post because I haven't posted enough> Do ... [read more]

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    Should I Post Press Releases on My Authority Site?

    Kenneth Holland in SEO

    Hey Everyone...a couple questions on publishing press releases on my authority (hope to be) site: 1. Is it advisable to post RELEVANT press releases on my site...and have relevant internal ... [read more]

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    Cannot create a ticket, cannot post in the support thread!

    dfumagalli in Support

    Hello, I need to open a ticket, but the page at: https://cx.freelancer.com/new-ticket has an error in the Department selector. I tried with newest Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge: in all ... [read more]

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    Introductory Post

    Sidra Jafri in Beginners Area

    Hello! Warrior world, hope I learn a lot from this platform, looking forward to adding from my knowledge base as well, I'm a software engineer.

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    Best times to post on Instagram during the holidays, per region

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    There's no singular best time to post on Instagram. It will always be based on a range of factors, and post times are likely unique to your audience. But you ... [read more]

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    Post graduation digital marketing - advice

    andreb91 in Beginners Area

    Hello everyone, Dont know if that topic is in the right place, if not sorry about that but im new on that forum.. im finishing a master degree in marketing ... [read more]

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    What's the correct image size for your post?

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    Sometimes, we all get it wrong on social media. We upload a 1920 x 1080 photo on Facebook, only to get downscaled and downsized, and often pixelated. Or, we upload ... [read more]

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    $600'000 for a Guest Post?!

    msulcs in Off Topic

    While working on expanding my outreach database, I contacted The New York Times. I asked them what is the price for a guest post / sponsored post. While they say ... [read more]

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    Can I post a comment on my clients facebook site with my facebook site?

    Bunkerer in Beginners Area

    Hi, I just created a facebook site for my business. My clients (also businesses) usually also have their business sites and I would like to post comments and like their ... [read more]

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    How to solve SEO issues related to toxic backlinks and Spam forum Post?

    Ana Cortez in SEO

    Hi, I am doing SEO for a website of local cleaning business. This website has a forum which wasn't maintained well before they handled me the website. During this time ... [read more]

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    Know the best time to post on social media

    WarriorForum.com in Learn

    Zenesys is sharing their tips on the best time to post to maximise your social media's follower engagement. Of course, the tips are based on best practices, and post times ... [read more]

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    5000th Post: Start Your Online Business with No Money

    agmccall in Internet Marketing

    My 5000th post so I thought I would help people starting out without a lot of disposable income to get their business started with little or no money. But, remember ... [read more]

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    A quick lesson in Selling 9x12 Post cards

    savidge4 in Offline Marketing

    I saw this video last night... The main card looks to be a 9x12 maybe a bit larger... A cornerstone ad on the front side and then the standard ads ... [read more]

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    facebook instant experience not loading/showing in post

    xptomarketing in Social Networks

    Hi Does anyone know how to load an instant experience into a post? For some reason its not loading altough its finished and ready to use. Thanks

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    Facebook is considering removing likes

    WF Will in Social Networks

    According to Social Media Today, Facebook is now considering on removing Facebook Likes after testing this with Instagram. Do you think this is a good idea? And how can marketer's ... [read more]

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    Software to post to multiple groups on Facebook

    maggie2 in Social Networks

    Hi, I want to be able to create a post and send it to multiple groups of which I'm a member, not the owner or manager. I'd also like to ... [read more]

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    Can I post FB posts to our website blog 1:1 | Duplicate issues?

    AlwayzBluFFinG in SEO

    We have several company FB pages where the team publishes posts about updates of our apps- new features, improvements, updates and stuff like that. We are thinking to start publishing ... [read more]

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    Instagram tests latest post feature

    WF- Enzo in Social Networks

    And finally - Instagram is reported to be internally testing a "latest post" feature which will let you see the most recent posts on the platform. The feature appears as ... [read more]

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    Organic Post Testing Option for Creator Studio in Facebook Watch

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that Facebook just added a new organic post testing function for Creator Studio. This happened earlier in September for Facebook Watch and ... [read more]

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    How Often Should I Post On Blog

    kayme in Beginners Area

    Hi I run a forex blog which gives aspiring traders tips on forex trading. Due to the technical nature of the subject matter, how often a week should I post ... [read more]