Your inseparable mind and body!

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You and your mind are inseparable, so much so that you think about your body like it is your mind and you think about your mind like it is your body.
Although they are separate entities to one another, they exist within parameters that appear to feel so close. If you can find a way to feel good in your life as often as you can, then your body will respond to your happiness. It is true.
Laughter is the best medicine-it has been proven. Cortisone and hormones released into the body have direct effects to how you feel. How you feel has everything to do with what you are experiencing in life and how you deal with it. It is more the latter that is important.
It is one thing to attract into your life, but it is another -how we deal with it.
How do you deal with your stress?
Do you wait until it is too late and then destress?
Do you do things on a daily basis to keep your stress in check?
How are you feeling right now?
I'd love to hear what you your ideas on relaxation are or what you do to combat stress levels?
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    Stress is tied to social pressure and programming. You have to rewire your mind with a new set of directives that make you think and assess situations on a different scale. We often forget that it is our own inherent right to feel happy but unless you're reprogrammed that will never happen. Our internal thoughts govern the way we feel and once we are able to control them we slide to a different level.
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    Good stuff mr. Dundee
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      I deal with stress by using a "circular" breathing technique and by reminding myself that stress is like a cloud that is passing by myself.

      Also, behind stress there is a very strong belief system to be address if you want to get rid or weaken it in the medium and long term.
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