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All we have is the current moment - that's what we have. With that being said, there have been countless times where many people forget about that and get caught up within all of the stress of businesses, marketing or anything personal. One of the best means of advice I can suggest is to create intentions for every venture whether business, marketing, or personal. In my motivational video, I wanted to help answer a question many people have often wondered: What Are Intentions?

I wrote a nice article in regards to the subject as well if you are interested. Here is my stance:

Tell me, what's your thoughts?
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    Yes AJ, I love your ending it is beautiful with the woods in the background.

    People often get so caught up in the manifestation of something, they forget that the "thought

    intention" is where most of the creation is born.

    It is actually where all the ground work is done.

    The action taking part and the manifestation of it, is also such an enjoyable part.

    Thinking about things and imagining, (like a child does) is such a fun and creative process.

    -Thankyou for sharing your insights-well said.-Jennifer

    "Attitude is everything. Your mind-set is your attitude. It is the difference between success and the lack of it!"

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    Thank you so much Jennifer for your feedback!! The visualization and intention process is all a part of it! You're right! The journey is fun
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    Yeah! If you don't have intentions, how do you plan to live your life...

    But, do you think that people know how they can discover their intentions or visions? Most of them think their lost and they do something that at the end of the day will make them fell exhausted, not complete.

    I think the common problem here is that people never look deep down in their self. They never ask this 3 questions: Who I am? Why I am here? Where I will go after this?

    According to me, these are the 3 main questions that every person should start to think and explore them. If you never start to look first in yourself, then in others, how do you expect to have a real intentions? Instead, you will feel lost in some false visions about you and the world.
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    Priki that's exactly it. In my opinion, there is four vital questions we are all consciously and unconsciously seeking an answer. One of my goals from my network is to inspire people to explore and become open to understanding the deeper meanings of life. With this, individuals can learn to create the life they so choose.
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    Sometimes it helps to wipe your personality out and start with a new intention if you see your performance dwindle. Picture yourself from a second or third camera angle and make improvements along the way. Form new habits and patterns until you like what you see.

    Make your old self bore you and go for the change. Then something odd will occur. You will manifest into someone more eloquent and profound.
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