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The Outgoing Stream

I was speaking with an associate recently about the Babylonians wisdom of tithing, which involves giving away one tenth of ones income to a good cause.

The act is in place as a worldly understanding that in order for someone to be able to receive there must be someone or something that is giving. It is seen then that ones own return is connecting with giving much like the economy itself. I,e each industry fulfilling a certain requirement of an entity which receives it. The Babaylonians practiced this giving and from it, they supposedly generated the riches associated with them.

Stepping away from this model, something occurred to me which was a little more obvious and less complicated, which too could play a dominant role in the generation of income.

As it's been said many times, If a person focuses on a result alone I.e earning money, as opposed to the vital step of actually helping someone or something to reach a solution, then success rarely follows. If however, they focus on the help, then the money has much greater chance of following as a dividend.

If we are to become successful to see return in a particular business, we needn't give away things associated with the business. We need only get into the habit of giving help in any way possible, for whatever (good) cause as a sideline duty. This habit then will hold residence in the psyche and transpose into every other area of our lives, including our business, where we will by default, provide help instead of shooting for the financial return from the outset.

If we give in some way and make it habit, we rewire our minds and it enriches all other avenues.

Before you consider setting up an income stream, first be sure to setup an ongoing stream (in any area of life, in whatever positive form) which is outgoing.

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