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SO... I have spent the better part of my youth going down a road which lead to a job that was not challenging, did not make good money, and most importantly wasn't making ME happy. I decided I needed a change and wanted to do something that would be interesting, challenging, and exciting. Most people want to make money, ( So do I) and what I come to realize is that you can't put a dollar amount on your own self worth. Accepting a yearly salary will only limit yourself no matter how hard you work. So I decided the marketing field is where I really truly belong. My background is mainly in the criminal justice field but I have dabbed into quite a few labor and office jobs that were entry level. I graduated college with a BS about 2 years ago and now I am starting an MBA degree here shortly. I am leaning on a concentration in marketing. I understand that some would say a MBA is a waste of money but because I didn't get a true BS education in the field I think it will benefit me in regards to learning the basics on how the game works. So I am accepting any and all advice. I want to learn by educating myself with real people that have experience in this field. Also for all of you veterans marketers, the youth truly appreciate the sharing of knowledge and direction!!!!
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    The first thing you should do is to find something specific in the marketing field that interest you such as programming, graphic design, lead generation etc, and start learning. Absorb as much information as you can and start taking action by taking on projects.

    Learning is the most important thing in the first year or two, after you have gained enough knowledge you can then build a business from the skills that you have learnt.

    Good luck on your Journey.
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      Congratulations on working on your MBA. My youngest son is 3 months away from getting his masters, so I do not think that is a waste of your time.

      Several years ago I started hanging out here in the Warrior Forum trying to learn how to do Internet marketing. It helped me get started and I still come back here almost 14 years later, so that should be a clue to you.

      You are getting an education in marketing so hopefully you will learn things you can apply to your career down the road.

      In the meantime why not launch an Internet business? Start by choosing a business model.

      For me it was affiliate marketing and then blog writing, which I still do. This is a good article on various business models that applies to 2016 as well.7 Proven Online Business Models that Work in 2015

      Best of luck. I have a feeling once you figure out your business model you will find a product and learn marketing strategies for it. Keep coming back to the WF for continued fresh ideas.
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    Well, your post reminded me when I first started.

    {I'm roaring}

    For everyone who may be concerned, anything is possible
    and conceivable. Go after the big bucks. Be bold and
    determined. Have a plan and don't deviate. Then keep
    tweaking and researching. If you're determined it's
    case-closed. You will go to full lengths to acquire wealth.

    Always use titillating affirmations right before sleep.

    They will keep your mind busy. Busy for non-stop achievement.

    Takes money to make money. Bear that in mind.

    Don't be frugal.

    Conservatists never make a mint.

    Don't be a poulard.

    The game of cut-out for the prurient.

    Those thirsty for life and achievement.

    Little some know, that everyone is unique and
    can bring something on the table. Bank on your
    strengths and work on them till they explode.

    The world a giant p. ready to be fd.

    It's waiting for you.

    But you gotta find it.

    Hmmm. Luv it.
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    #1 There are no shortcuts.
    #2 Learn and want to learn.
    #3 Don't let glamour get in your way.

    I'm not sure if I'm what you call a "Veteran Marketer" but I'm doing well. It takes work, and a desire to achieve something big. There is only one person that will bring you to the top and that person is you.

    Careful who you trust and if it sounds too good it likely is too good.

    If you trust them, follow them. If they prove their trust, stick with them.

    All the same, walk your own path! If you want the same training I received check out my personal about page or message me here first. I can get you started off on the right foot at least.

    What are you some of your personal interests?
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    I like what you said in your post. It sounds like you have your head on straight. It is very true about the importance and value of self worth.

    For suggestions related to internet marketing I might suggest -

    - Use this forum as a learning and research tool, The search feature will be very useful for this.
    - Once you decide on what form of internet marketing interests you stay focused on that. It is very easy to get distracted, chase shiny objects and get pulled in several directions at once.
    -If an internet business model appeals to you do not wait or hesitate, take action and begin. You may make mistakes but you will learn from them. The best online business action I ever took was to start my FBA business (selling on Amazon). I wasted a of time and effort before taking that step.

    Best of luck to you!
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      Pick ONE thing and do it UNTIL you find success.

      Here's the deal:

      Your brain is wired to find problems whether they exist or not.

      No matter what you choose to pursue in online marketing, eventually the time will come where you think "the grass is greener on the other side".

      This will happen. It's an instinctual reaction that has helped our species survive for as long as it has.

      However, it's probably the biggest hurdle in keeping you from actually achieving success.

      Once you commit to doing something, no matter what happens or no matter how you feel, that's when you start achieving results.

      To say to yourself, "I'm going to do this no matter what it takes and whether I even like it or not."

      What will end up happening, is that you'll start being successful and you will actually like it because of the success you are achieving, but some days you may just hate it. Even the businesses that you "love" you sometimes just have bad days.

      Except that that's a possibility, and push forward anyways. Do it even when you aren't making any money. Keep doing it when you are making money.

      One of the best ways to overcome this feeling, is to help as many people as you can along the way.
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