Persistence Is Soooo Key To Success!

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Recently I created this short video based on success i'd had. I hope it helps someone in their journey. Irrespective of how challenging it may be right now the day is its darkest just before the light!

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    I agree. Success does not come to the diligent or the wise but those who persevered when others where giving up.
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    Hey thanks for this video,
    You have transformed your fear in a strenght, well done ! ;-)
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    Persistence is my goal, too. I read the book The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. It is very interesting. He says that the key to success is to 10X the goal and 10X the action necessary to achieve this goal.

    My job carried me through the winter, but now I am struggling to pay the bills. I will be persistent in my actions and use 10X the action until I am no longer struggling.
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    Agree! Napoleon Hill really drives that in his book "Think and Grow Rich". There have been many times where I was procrastinating on my goals and then before I know it a year has passed and I would be nowhere near my goals.

    Not anymore! Mr. Persistent is my new name.

    Thanks for the video!
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    Thank you all so much for the comments, views, & mostly support!

    It is much appreciated. We on this entrepreneurial journey need to act less like crabs & more like cheerleaders!

    Love to you all. #successwithsamii
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    Persistence comes wit a lot of P's
    - Pressure
    - Persecution
    - Pretense (that it is well when it is not)
    - People (to distract you)
    - Possibilities

    Some positive, others negative. But the end thereof is SUCCESS
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    You just stumbled upon the biggest secret success of all time.

    Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, after interviewing 500 of the world's most successful people, said persistence was the only quality he could find that they all shared.

    All failure really means is were learning, we are taught to take it as a negative sign that we're personally not good enough, so out of 1000 people maybe 4 or 5 will be strong enough to take it.

    The more times we fail the better we get, until we ultimately master some thing, and then are better at it than anyone else.

    Our success only comes when were ready to receive it.

    Great post Sam!
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    Persistence is an incredibly important component of success!
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    Persistence is key to success but how do you maintain it? What worked for me is creating routines/habits that would fuel or renew my persistence!

    I'm doing some social media marketing and often content types that worked before would stop getting shares. However, I have a list of blogs where I get content tips and the habit of scanning them for tips once a week helps me overcome any plateau or decline in readership.

    This forum and people like you who share these tips also helps me stay persistent in building an online marketing career.
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    Thank you everyone whose commented on this here post & input their personal aspects.

    Persistence and the purpose of the post is just to bring it to front of mind.

    Many give up when they're so close to success. Priming a pump takes time but unless you keep pumping you won't get ongoing running water.

    Let's keep priming! Let's not stop when we get our first trickle... but rather continue till we get the success WE DESERVE as entrepreneurs.
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    Persistence is mandatory if you want to have success.
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    This is the difference between successful people and others. The successful people keep going when they got obstacle, problem or failure while others stop.
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    Persistence along with powerful programming and you're off for mega achievement.
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    Persistent and focus always wins. the secret is to never give up. Always reinvent yourself as circumstances change. But never stop til you achieve your goals.
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    The key to success is walking into a territory nobody knew about, and:

    own it
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