You're supposed to Suck!

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Something that holds back a lot of people from being successful is their need and desire to be perfect. They feel if they study research research research and then research and study some more that when they finally start a project they will do it perfect. Well guess what! It still won't be perfect and it will probably still suck!

But that's ok you're suppose to suck at something new! Everything in life is a learning process. When you were a baby and you started trying to walk you sucked at it, you fell over and over again. Sometimes you fell so much that you started back to crawl, Then you later said to yourself "Screw crawling it hurts my knees! Plus I want that cookie on the table" So you got up and started to take baby steps towards your goal ( The cookie!).

When you began to talk as a baby you sucked at it! Goo Goo Gaa Gaa Daa Daa Maa Maa mixed with spit bubbles and drooling was the most intellectual conversation you had as a baby. But as you practiced and practiced eventually you were able to say "Cookie I want a Cookie!"

In life we're supposed to suck but that's because we were created to live and learn by experience and practice. Practice makes perfect.....We've all heard that saying once or twice in our life. Well it's true the more we do something the better we get at it. It's how our brain was designed so we can live and learn (which is another old saying).

Remember research is important but you must practice whatever your trying to accomplish and never give up because with enough practice you will succeed!

Share your experiences! What have you sucked at but now your awesome at it!?
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    Hey Thanks for this article siwell16,
    I had this default to try being perfect anyway in my life but I was not aware about it.
    I realized when I have started the personal development; moreover I learned that to be perfect not mean about result. It's about to give you all your potential: sleeping very well, eat healthy, to be good with oneself inside and outside and anywhere in the life. I stayed focus only on my actions and no on the vision of people.
    And I was in the best condition to reach my goal and that's worked ;-)
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    I must suck because a few people said I look like a bank robber (even without a ski mask), which is quite the opposite, I love helping people giving all I got.
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    I try not to be a perfectionist - but perfection is one of my strongest tendencies. But I can make $5 now without perfection, or I can make $10 in 5 years with perfection...

    I need to become wise to that fact and make money now...
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    Wow 100% agree. Life is meant to be challenging or else it would be boring.
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    Yeh, really like the attitude to get shit down first and then work on becoming well-trained for that.

    Just sometimes if that's too suck, people will throw shit to your face. So need to find some balance to that to avoid too many shit really.
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    If you're not willing to suck, you'll never get anywhere.

    No one instantly downloads a skill like Neo in the Matrix.

    You have to stumble first. In fact, the pain from stumbling may be the catalyst to making you learn ("I'll never do THAT again...").

    I've made several videos about this...being willing to begin badly...recently. It's an important topic and far-reaching.
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      Ted Williams was the greatest baseball hitter of all time. His career average of .344 means he did not get a hit .656 of the time.

      I imagine most of us have a better success rate in life then 40%, but we don't focus on the successes, we get brought down by the failures.
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