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In order to excel and improve oneself it is advisable to know and accept your fears and to face them. Sometimes overcoming our fears is the only way to other opportunities to make our lives better and succeed.
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    this is somewhat true if you have a fear of your wrong doings or because you are being scold of because of your mistakes you need to face it and accept the fact that you are wrong be a man hehe this will improve you a lot.
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    :Fear??? This word not in my dictionary.ha..
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    That is very true.. overcoming fears is definitely a great way to create limitless opportunities.. but of course only a handful ever make it that far..
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    Every one has his own fears, so do I...

    I have tried to run away from them, but since I read some motivational books... "Run towards your fear" I literally saw the fears ran away...!!!
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
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    I had my fear for breakfast, sweated him out at the gym and then washed him of in a hot bath.

    Happiness VS Fear

    I'll take the first one please
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    I believe facing your fears can help you become stronger mentally, adn this can make your work better. It's just a matter of being strong enough to overcome the fear.
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    Fear is just a sense that comes when you DON'T KNOW about what you will face. It's just a sign that you must learn something, whether learn how to handle the fear, or handle the object itself.
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    Fear can be a challenge, a problem, or life itself. In order to gain self respect you must engage yourself in these hindrance to be able to learn from it. To experience what it has to offer.
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    Fear is a psychological delusion created from the mind. It usually isn't based on reality at all but beliefs created from a past event. Th best way to eliminate fear is though action. Action stops fear dead in it's tracks.

    For example: If your a man who has a fear or rejection. You too shy to make friends or even talk to an attractive female who may be sitting next to you. Just by opening your mouth an talking ends fear in its tracks. Doing so, build confidence, high self esteem, self liking and a positive mind set. Yet, if ones stays consumed by fear it can ruin their lives tremendously. One will feel insecure, irrational, and unattractive until the fear is conquered. Keep your mind focused on expecting the best as you being to conquer your fears. Never give into thoughts of negativity, because it can become destructive.

    What fears have you guys conquered so far in your life?
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    Fear is all but a scam that looks scary. Look beyond fear and find sanity.

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    ageed. very true
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    Definitely true. Because fears are just in mind.
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    "Discipline strengthens the mind so that it becomes impervious to the corroding influence of fear."

    Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and force of discipline.


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    Fear is a feeling that too often runs our lives. Whether it is fear of commitment, rejection, failure, death, flying, or any other phobia, it tends to keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Fear can be handled rationally and can be controlled if you are willing to work on it and are motivated enough in controlling it, instead of it controlling you.
    Face your fear and Take control !
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    Thank you for the post.

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      Fear :

      People living on peacefully country maybe never know real FEAR


      People living on war country maybe they are very really know what this mean "FEAR"
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        Yes facing the fear is best way to increase self confidence.
        On the other hand, the people who do not have confidence on themselves, they never have confidence.
        And really its hard for them to leave their habbit.
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    It's a great way to achieve personal growth. Just throw yourself into situations that you wouldn't usually feel comfortable with. Do something new. I'd love to try jumping in a cage and checking out some great whites. That would be pretty scary seeing as this can happen..........
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    I agree with you Jack.

    Interesting how very few people even want to face their fears and overcome them.

    Wise statesman James Francis Byrnes said:
    "Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity.
    They seem to be more afraid of life than death."
    Something to think about.
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    I have a phobia with animals having feathers like chicken. I'm afraid to hold them or be near them. I'll just encourage myself that all things gonna be alright and they couldn't hurt me. then, it works. I finally able to be near them. It's all on the state of mind. All people can face their own fears.
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    Holy s...., I don't want to face my fear anymore!!!

    Shark fear is much bigger than fear of failure
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    Fears will ruin our lives, but how to face or get rid of your fear is really complecated.
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    Don't be afraid!!
    Fear is born of the unknown?
    Learn to love & trust yourself & "Fear"
    as we know it will be "OBLITERATED"
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    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
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      Your fears appear when you step outside of your 'comfort zone.' Knowing how to stretch your comfort zone is the first step in overcoming your fears.

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    great video post...
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    Really true and great post. Fear is only in our mind we should overcome it!
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      All of us have fears and we need to get over them. Running away from your fears don't make them go away, that just makes them bigger than ever. Fears usually come down to insecurity and uncertainty of something. Before we can face them, you need to learn more about what makes you fearful of these situations. It could be from a past experience.
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    We spend so much time on fearing something! Great post. It will defintely make you feel awesome when you have faced a fear and have overcome it!

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    I fear sometimes in my dreams but after awaken i forget the reason of fear.
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    Thats true, Face your fear it will go away or let it follow you for your whole life. Choice is your
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    I credit socialization with most of our fears. Fear of mistakes, failure, uncertainty...a lot of it comes from being scolded as a kid for making a mess, or being conditioned in school to have the BEST G.P.A. you can have. Think about it...12 years of being penalized for making mistakes on a paper, regardless of if you learned from the mistake or not. We value perfection and external achievement a little too much in the West.
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    Fear in itself is a negative energy. We need to release ourselves with negative energies including fear. Fear holds us back in finding our true potentials. Until we let go or until we conquer our fears, we will be confined to being a mediocre. Facing fear will release our full potential and the best that we can get from ourselves.
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    Great Quote RHert, fear can be good, it can keep you motivated.
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    I agree. Fear can lock you down and stop you from getting where you are headed
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    It is always a great feeling when you did overcome your fear, you can see clearly what more you can do.
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      Fear does not exist. It is only an illusion of how we interpret bad things that happen to us.

      The more you think about fear, the more powerful it becomes in your own mind.

      Best way to unveil the illusion is to have an intense focus on it and take a deep breath, hold it in until you can't hold it any more, then release it. Then inhale and breath it out again. e.g. public speaking, most people have this fear. Practice the breathing technique when you are preparing your speech and try it at the next toastmasters meeting.
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    I think Cus D'amato (Tyson's old trainer) said it best, "The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It's the same thing, fear, but it's what you do with it that matters"
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      I disagree with the sentiment that fear is an illusion or an enemy. Fear is a perfectly healthy phenomenon -- it's utterly irrational, but so are all emotions. Fear tells us when to run away, when the sabertooth tiger is just a little too much for us to take on.

      Even more importantly, fear (like any emotion) is an excellent feedback mechanism. When we identify an element of fear, especially one that is acting as an obstacle, we have two choices: the rational and the irrational. The rational mind examines and picks apart the fear: "What is the root of this fear?" "Is this fear a valid one? If yes, why? If no, how to I circumvent it?" The irrational response would be to simply shut down and ignore the fear, to assume the validity of the emotion before investigating it.

      This is why "face your fear" is an accurate way of thinking about it. Fear is perfectly natural and healthy, not something that we need to "get rid of" as some might argue. It is not healthy to ignore fear and leave it unresolved; this only serves to hem you in and shrink your world of possibilities.
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    totally agree on this...
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    It's amazing how people with far more obstacles than us have moved past their fear such as my friend Extreme Mike in a wheel chair and have done things we only dream about including sky dive and scuba dive after facing the fear of crashing or not being able to swim. Watch his jump! https://bitly.com/tx06Zb <3Ruth

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    Yes as long as you learn to deal with fear, that is good enough, you don't have to get rid of it or overcome it completely IMO.
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    The only thing I fear as of lately is losing my life. If that happens then everything else fails. If I do fail my IM ventures, I'll go on with my life.

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      Originally Posted by WakondaMarketing View Post

      The only thing I fear as of lately is losing my life. If that happens then everything else fails. If I do fail my IM ventures, I'll go on with my life.
      I can handle life... my fear is that so few of US
      realise the extortionate extent to which our
      beloved leaders are lying through their false teeth,
      and committing treason with gay abandon every day
      of their boring lives in DC.

      Every one of Them knows full well about
      the 9/11 Insider Job in which their corporate friends
      were intimately complicit. They MUST know about
      the BP Macondo Crime.... but I'm stopping right there...
      and switching my long List-Building efforts back to IM

      Hope the self-evident truth lurking (none-too-obviously
      for some warriors for sure) in this diatribe qualifies
      as my post #12 towards the 15 that hopefully
      licenses me to fly solo after a mere 4 years
      on the wonderful warrior website.


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        Fear is a main problem to a majority of us. It is very parmount that each one learns on how to face their own fears. That becomes the begining of your journey to concering your fears.

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    Fears are something we all endure. You have to face your fears, to master them. That's easier said than done. Flying the coop doesn• t make them vanish, that simply makes them larger than ever. So that itself ought to make it worthwhile to be real, get it over with.
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    It is not the obstacle but the fear of obstacle that holds us back
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    Never be afraid to face your fear, it can lead to the discovery of your true potentials.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Chua View Post

    In order to excel and improve oneself it is advisable to know and accept your fears and to face them. Sometimes overcoming our fears is the only way to other opportunities to make our lives better and succeed.
    I totally agree with you Jack. Facing your fear means opening and allowing a lot of opportunities which will also lead us to success.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Chua View Post

    In order to excel and improve oneself it is advisable to know and accept your fears and to face them. Sometimes overcoming our fears is the only way to other opportunities to make our lives better and succeed.
    I so much agree with this and have experienced it many times. I don't think we can ever get rid of fear entirely, but we can learn to control it through practice. And every time we face up to a fear, get control of it and move past it, we grow stronger and more confident in our ability to become a master of fear the next time it rears its ugly head!


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    It's so true that once we overcome our fears, our lives can be totally transformed. What if my product isn't good enough? What if they don't like me as a person? What if I don't have enough time to finish my project? I even made up a lot more fears that seem so inconsequential now, I don't even know why they were roadblocks in my life.

    But now, I am who I am and happy about it. Let's just get over it and start living life.

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    Hi Jack,

    As I have stated on this forum before there are a couple of good sayings.

    "Feel the fear and do it anyway"
    "Face your fears! They are all that stand between you and what you want"

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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      Susans Jeffers - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway is a great read.

      It covers everything about facing your fears and appreciating them for potential for self expansion.

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    Thanks for the recommendation Daniel!

    If you are in IM, you should have a feeling of "fear" everyday....

    You should always be expanding your reach, testing new services, and taking things to the next level....

    True growth is experienced through the fear of the unknown....I love it and hate it. But like others have said, you need to embrace it!
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    Yes Jack.Fear of not doing the don'ts of life is good.But problem arises when we fear to do the do's of life.It happens out of nervousness but fear goes when one faces it instead of running away from it.
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    I have fears. I just don't know what they are yet?
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