Is happiness a choice or a outcome?

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Should happiness be outcome dependent?

Well, I think sometimes it does. But at the end of the day, I think the process matters!
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    Happiness is a choice.

    Happiness does not depend on something. It comes within you. It comes naturally.

    Happiness is a state of mind. You will decide if you want to be happy or miserable. It's your choice.
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      This is a pretty deep question.

      I think far too often we rely on happiness coming from a certain outcome.

      It's difficult to be happy just cause.

      Happiness on an all the time basis is definitely a mindset.

      You control how you react to your situation.
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    To be happy I do this one simple thing... count my blessings and be grateful for what I have while striving for what I want. Things could always be better and things could always be worse. Where you are is where you are and you can either find joy in it or misery.'s always your choice.
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    From my point of view; Happiness is a habit that anyone with enough patience can develop. If my happiness dependent on some external factor, I'd be miserable most of the time, just like most of people out there.

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    Depends on the software you install in your kernel (your mind). I find happiness by breaking down matters in chunks and devour every bit of it, either thru a philosophical pursuit, to gain intelligence and evolve from the get-go. And that's pretty gratifying, which ultimately leads to contentment and satisfaction. I must add so, the elusive part of this kind of ritualistic process, and that's hypnosis.
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    Happiness is about how you react to outcomes so it's a bit of both really when I get an unfavourable outcome I ask myself the following question "what good about this"? and there is always something.

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    Are you Happy because you have success or are you a success because you are Happy?

    I think true happiness is a mindset and that you need to create happiness.

    You can chose your own reality or let the world and outer circumstances control how you feel.

    As the saying goes - "You can't control what happens, but you can control how you respond to it".

    Create a mindset of ACT where you control your actions instead of REACT where you are controlled by the circumstances.
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    I think such questions are very personal! As for me, if you want to be happy, DO SOMETHING FOR IT!! Happiness and success, it is not the easy thing! If you want to be happy, love, love your life and be a good person! Be yourself, and don’t spend your time in the spice!
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    I believe it's a cycle. If you choose to be happy then you'll get final outcome in the form of happiness.

    Like it is said, "Happiness is a journey and not a destination!"

    If you choose to be happy, no matter what the situation is, you will always find some reason to be happy!
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  • I think you have to be happy in order to enjoy your success. Because if you don't choose to be happy, you can have all the success and money in the world and you'll still be miserable. But if you choose to be happy, you savor each victory. Happiness becomes part of your motivation to do more.
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    I make the choice to be happy every single day. Some days it's easier than others But for me, it's always a choice.

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    Sometimes it can be your choice sometimes it can be an outcome. Depends what's going on in your life.
    In my opinion, Real happiness comes from the deepness of your heart.

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    I would choose choice.We can all choose how we want to interpret a particular outcome or situation.

    Someone here mentioned gratitude. I agree 100%. We always need to be grateful for the things we have....
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    Happiness is a choice and the ideal mindset to live his life.
    It's powerful and just a smile demands less energy than anger.
    That's allow to be available and in a better disposition ;-)
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    You can't make me happy and you can't make me sad. It is my choice.
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    I think that happiness is a choice, AND an outcome. Seldom are choices either/or.
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    Once you make the choice for happiness the outcome will follow. Stay thirsty my friends... oops I mean stay happy my friends. ☺
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    Happiness is really a matter of choice. You are the one to decide whether you want to be happy or miserable. It's your life.
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    Babies are very happy until society conditions them not to be.


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  • You just have to decide, that you are going to be happy. No matter what.

    Because there will be storms, there will be droughts, there will be ups and there will be downs.
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    I come from a Country where economic differences are super marked, super rich and super poor. Most of the people have to travel by bus for at least two hours a day (bus full to the outside mirror), most of the people don't have enough money to go to a McDonalds like restaurant (in fact McDonalds is a luxury for the majority) , they make $300 a month with some luck, and you can see genuine happiness in most of that people faces, they treat customers with respect, they enjoy their life with jokes, super budget parties, soccer, it is very hard to see angry people, with a bored or depressed face. So, that confirm that we don't need to have the BMW and wait to have a million to enjoy life. Of course they have problems, they dream with a better life for their families, but in the meantime, they are not stopped by the current circumstances, to enjoy life when they can.
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    Happiness is a choice. Just focus and think about happy moments you had before and you will feel happy and thankful. On the other hand, focus and think about how unfair and how bad the situation will be, then you will feel miserable.

    It depends on what you want to focus on. Whatever you focus on, expand...

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    Happiness is absolutely your choice. It's the product of your thoughts. You're the one to decide whether you want to be happy.
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    Happiness is definitely your choice. You have to decide that you want to be happy for you to be totally happy. No matter what the circumstances are you have the choice to see things from a different perspective.
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    I always heard from people saying that happiness is a choice but let me tell you that yes okay you can be happy in any situation , but sometimes the things makes you sad and miserable , sometimes when you don't get what you want you feel lost , so in the end what we can do is stay happy in any situation ...
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  • Agreed. No matter what you do, some outcomes are inevitable.
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    Happiness is a choice. You have the power to choose whether you want to be happy.
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    Happiness is always a choice. However, it is not easy to always make the choice to be happy. That's because our emotions are often affected by events and outcomes.
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    You have to decide first that you want to be happy then all else will follow. At the end it's still your choice.
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  • Happiness is the outcome of the choices we make. We have to decide first that we want to live a happy happy life before it totally reflects on the outside.
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    I choose to be happy everyday.
    It is an outcome that you believe on it.
    When hard time come, you still keep yourself happy to solve all of it.

    Let Journey begin.

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    Happiness is an outcome based on the choices we made in life. For instance, you decide to marry the man who loves you than the man you love. You decide to learn to love him and have a happy life.
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  • Happiness is a choice which comes with a positive thoughts i.e your own thoughts make you feel happy.It doesn't depend on others it comes naturally.
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    happiness is definitely a choice. what happens to you is just an event, it does not contain in itself positive or negative. it is only our own mind that give value to it as positive or negative. and when you decide to give a negative label to the event, you choose to be unhappy as result. the opposite is also true. Now let see an example.
    suppose that today you got a car accident, your legs are broken and have to be cut out. are you happy? obviously most people will be so upset, some will get angry, some will go even further to blame, complain, curse, and some may commit suicide. that is a choice we make, it is a choice that align with our subconcious belief. But what if you somehow decide to smile, to laugh, to be happy even in such situation, it does not matter what your subconscious believe, you will be happy anyway. and the consequence of being positive and happy is that you will focus more on the solution, using your brain power to serve you, to create a better future for you instead of the miserable future if you decide to be unhappy.
    so next time you are unhappy, remember that the power of choice rest within you, don't give it away.
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    Happiness is a choice, circumstances might seem like it's not but it really is. You decide your happiness
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    Happiness is a choice, because if it was an outcome, there would be a lot more happy people in the world lol!

    We either choose to be happy or depressed, because of the way we choose to view life. It's all a matter of perspective, which rolls down to choice.
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    Happiness is a mindset. When something/anything happens in your life you get to choose whether or not it makes you happy.

    Happiness is not winning the lottery, just ask those who have won and lost it all. How come they lost it all? They had not grown the mindset needed to handle it.

    Many creative people amaze me because they are forever questioning themselves. Never happy with what for others would be fantastic acheivements. It's all in their mind even when they can see or hear how good their talents are.

    The uncontrolled mind has a lot to answer for.

    @Tomwood, I'm definitely with you on saying 'what is good about this' in regard to some of lifes happenings.
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    I agree that happiness is a choice. Whatever is going on around us we can still decide how to react.
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      It can be both, of course, but I believe it always starts and ends with a choice, no matter what an outcome may be. If you are only happy where a certain outcome is achieved, you are going to be mighty unhappy at many points in life.

      When you choose happiness/positivity, no matter what the outcome of a situation, you are more in control of the situation, rather than the situation being in control of you. It's also always easier to work from a positive perspective (no matter what the situation is) than a negative one.

      Plus, when you are putting out happiness, positivity, love, etc. (rather than negativity, hopelessness, sadness, etc.) you get more of it back, so you can actually reduce those negative situations and outcomes just by choosing your attitude and perspective on life. Basically, you are inviting the good or the bad into your life every day, depending on how you are perceiving and responding to life as it goes.
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