Technology that Creates Super Humans

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Digging to the depthless world of the subconscious, one can generate various
phenomena. Even miracles. Many of us, have plastered a social stereotype that
we are not economically viable and just cogs of a machine.

The programming can change that. Change every fabric of your consciousness
and carve your own destiny. Remember, destiny is in your hands.

The programming.I'm talking about spreads endemically and has fostered a dynasty.

Forget Rich Dad Poor Dad and the rest of the spinning drivel.

Only poor schmucks read these books. If you want to join their ranks, be my guest.


Nowaday's technology flirts with the consensus of creating super psychic humans.

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    Hey thanks for your sharing, yes the subconscious mind can be change.
    We have the power to change ;-)
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    the best use of the consious mind is to activly be monitoring and reprogramming the subconsious mind .. but we put it at war with the ego instead ..
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    The most materializing and magnetic hypnosis carved in history, haha, I adore the master!
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