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Hello my fellow warriors,

After nearly 3 years, here I am to share my story. My last post was said to be self-promotional by admins, so I hope this one will last.

During my time in affiliate marketing, I learnt quite alot not only about marketing but also about various stuff. I will state the same old thing repeated by all of my mentors from here and everywhere. Never paid a dime on coach but thanks to their generosity, they answer if you really want to know and show effort.

1. Find your passion
My passion was MONEY all along but I was told by many people that apart from my passion of money, I got to have another passion to make that money passion of mine come true. Not quite true.

2. Opportunity
I just don't want to live by trying to find other passions just to achieve my real passion. So I tried so hard to find the best opportunity, online and offline. Being able to wait for the right time is of the same importance.

3. Learn
During finding and waiting for the right opportunity, I was constantly learning everything. Literally as much as I could from various fields of expertise, and kinda become jack of all trades, master of none. But as my father once told me "don't be a specialist, but be a generalist", and I kinda become one.

4. Be ready
Again during all those times, I kept trying to hit the jackpot in Affiliate marketing, but instead of spending thousands of dollars, I never made more than a couple hundreds back from there (it was all because of my lack if knowledge and patience).
But then I found an opportunity in my local market, so I grabbed it hard and put all my efforts on it. You know what, that's when all that I have learned during the AM learning curve come into play. I implemented the knowledge and experience I have from all sorts, to start a brand company. It is successful and made quite an impact in both the market and society.

That's all I want to say. Back then, I was in the same shoes as you're in right now. I want to make money overnight but never made a success that way. The only option left for me is to wait patiently, learn and work your ass off, and never to give up. I am sure you will get through one way or another.

Please do pardon my bad English and writing. Wish you all the best and success.


P.S. I finally understand there are no shortcut or any fast cash scheme, but to WORK YOUR ASS OFF.
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    I agree with you on this situation. I myself tried a lot of times before i decided to take up a coach to get some guidance.
    Tried a couple but failed but i believe i had my luck recently to get a coach who is helping me make almost $200 USD monthly and increasing with CPA only, its a lot of money in my country. I hope it grows up.
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    Great story. We really have to find our passion first and all else will follow. It's easier to work on something we really love.
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    Hey, thanks for your sharing!
    Your history is inspiring and your way is already done ;-)
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    wonderful story and i beleive this story.
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    Inspiring story.

    Thanks for the share Shane


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  • This is an inspiring story Shane. I must agree that there is no shortcut to success. You have to love what you do in order to get the same success like others. Failures should not be considered bad experiences since these experiences help us learn more, which in in the long run make us better in what we do. It takes a lot of work, patience, and state of mind to really get things right. So never give up!
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    thank you for sharing, i am in this situation now....

    Are you looking for something FREE like this ONE or THIS?

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    Hey, thanks for your sharing!
    Very helpful story for every beginner
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    And Oh, I forgot to tell you that what I am doing right now is an offline business (partial online). I established my own brand and been producing various lines of products. And whatever I have been through over the years is not a waste of time or money, but a gain of experience and knowledge which I will call it golden.

    What you might be going through may or may not be the same but note this, everything you have done and everything you have learned will finally come to your aid and will build you stairs to your success in time. Just sit tight, and keep working your ass off.

    Most importantly, DON'T EVER AFRAID OF MISTAKES & Failures cause only when you know them, then you are bound to succeed.

    May success be in your way.
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    You have a great story of success. It's so inspiring. So uplifting and motivational. Thanks for sharing it.
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