Switching up my Mantra /Do you use a daily mantra?

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For a while I was using a daily mantra/incantation (inspired by Tony Robbins) to get amped up.

I got out of the habit and decided my old one doesn't quite do the trick anymore. I created a new one and decided I would share:

1. I am calm, I am competent, I am confident I will win
2. God knows, everyday above ground offers a new way to begin
3. I know the formidable challenge that lies before me will soon be dissolved
4. Because this challenge hasn’t met my patience and persistence and will soon be resolved
5. The 1st step is to set a plan of attack based on the facts
6. The 2nd step is to take massive action daily to respond rather than just react
7. The final step at the end of each day is to review my plan and adjust
8. I find that with this strategy my problems are solved and quickly turned to dust.

Any [constructive] feedback? Am I the only one that uses mantras? If not, what does your mantra sound like?
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