Being mediocre is a very good thing.

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Are you mediocre? Ordinary? Average? Run of the mill?

Then you are in a good place in your life. Why? Because you have some results to base that assessment on. Which means you're doing better than most.

Gurus oversell GREATNESS. You can be a giant. You can be great. You can be the preeminent person in your industry...

They tell you that because
it is human nature to want to be great...but they sell you a cannon...or a pole or a sling shot way to get to greatness. It is what they have to sell.

They sell HOPE. Change. Results at breakneck speed. A book, a course, a podcast, some videos, a system, a method...

Be great at IM when you hit the 10,000 bux a day mark, here's how....

Be great at getting the pretty girls to go home with you, here's how...

Be great at getting anyone to do anything you want them to do, here's how...

But if you fess up, and claim your mediocrity now, you have a baseline, a place you can start from, you can climb the mountain in a zig zag, back and forth, "side stepping" pattern and go up that opposed to

trying to ride a helicopter up, only to find out the guru's helio can't go that high, and your money spent on their greatness formula was flawed for you.

You can't be great doing nothing. But you can be as great as you can be by getting to mediocre and then

KEEP GOING. It is a good place to be, IF, you don't stop there and rest.

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    i thought mediocrity was compulsory here
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    Putting yourself into a path where you are 'mediocre' is a very good thing because it means you are willing to start new and challenging things. Despite realizing the difficulty and time needed to be where you want to be, you are willing to do real work and not look for short-cuts.

    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -Francis of Assisi
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    hardraysnight beat me to it
    thats a great assessment

    "Be boring and remain under the radar of Life"

    and the crowd will love you - hey you are just as boring as us

    But life will not thank you for it
    and you will regret it in the final moments of it

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    Being mediocre is a very good thing because it means you're willing to be a beginner and put yourself into a path of learning instead of just repeating things you've already done before.
    It may be uncomfortable knowing you are mediocre and you know almost nothing about this new path, but it also means you have not pigeonholed yourself and are still willing to change, grow, and explore more possibilities within you.
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    I won't say mediocrity is good, however it's true for most of us. Think about it, Michael Jordan is likely mediocre in Chess, Manny Pacquiao is mediocre in Skiing, and I'm personally mediocre at knitting (ok, I've never tried it).

    We just have to find the thing we can be GREAT at though, whatever it is. Then again, even if you're mediocre at something, if you can use it to become successful, then whatever effort you put into it is worth it.

    "Mediocrity obtains more with application than superiority without it." - Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom
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    Mediocrity is always good for others.

    I shoot for the moon and sometimes I land among the stars.
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      Originally Posted by Jack Bane View Post

      Mediocrity is always good for others.

      I shoot for the moon and sometimes I land among the stars.
      Why not Mars, the moon, is, so mediocre these days.

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        Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

        Why not Mars, the moon, is, so mediocre these days.

        Good idea because the moon is shot down already.
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  • Calibratin' up from zero is cool.

    How elseya gonna travel sans skewpoint startupa sum preconfiguratorial?

    Tellya, those maths guys prize zero over infinity with good reason.

    From zero, you can figure infinity (f*cks your brain out, but, yeah — possible.)

    From infinity, it is kinda hard gettin' back to zero.

    You could be strung out any weird frickin' place, wuzzin' on fruitjuice gonna blindya to all other pleasures.

    Thing is, evry target got grounda recoil figured by heels.

    That baseline?

    Addin' Joopiter to the planetary analogies here.

    Calibratin' up from zero is cool.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    it ok if it is your starting point or even if you are bad .. but work to get better and get better ..

    there are only a small number of things you can excel at..and you may need to only work on improving skill that support excellence and eccept being mediocre in 1000 other things ..

    most rich people higher great accounts or tax attorneys ..that may be able to do their own taxes .. but make more money doing their core thing..and because its a tax right off..they get return ..
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