Optimal Tips For Success, Happiness, And More Money

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Find your life passions, and discover your true purpose.

Do what you love to do. Build a startup team around your strengths and weaknesses.

Make a plan. Execute it.

Self-improvement must be a daily ritual. Your business is a reflection of you.

Learn to quiet the mind. Meditate. Listen to positive affirmation hypnosis's on YouTube. Focus on your breath.


Live a frugal life.

Listen to your gut feeling. Follow your heart, soul, intuition.


Be kind.

Show love at all times.

Specialize, and work on your craft for 10,000 hours, and beyond.

Follow greatness. Take successful traits from icons and instill them within yourself.

Have fun.



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    i am practicing diaphragmatic breathing .. i have had two of the best night sleeping in a while ..after i ear i practice to increase the oxygen in my blood to aid digestion .

    success is easy failure is hard

    happiness is a i product of two thing..removing the things on the reasons to be miserable list..and choosing to be happy without guilt ..

    i disagree with the 10,000 hours of mastery there are many things that share the same principles .. a mixed martial artist probably does not have to spend 10000 hours training each discipline ..and can probably pick up golf much faster than avrage people or anything that requires diciplined controll of the body ..

    a great teacher or a series of great teachers will also cut down that time ..successful people have coaches in what they want to be the best at.. even if the coach does not have near the persons ability but is able to make that successful person better .

    don't tell people your goals ..unless your paying them to help you accomplish part of them ..or they are not personally threatened by you accomplishing them ..anyone close enough to be effected ..if you tell them..you are basically asking for permission .. and the only person you may need permision from wakes up in the same bed as you ..so if you wake up alone .. if you have a partner .. you and your partner are the only ones who give permission

    you spent 13 years in school being conditioned to get a job to earn money it may take many years grasping how to earn money without a job .

    your inner child needs to grow up ..wait i mean ..you may not have liked how something tasted when you where 7 years old .. but you are much older now .. so it may be time to taste it again .. or try something again that you have not in a long time ..stop living by the limit of your 7 , 9 , 11 , 15 , 18 year old self ..explore and expand your current limits .

    ok sorry for all the non one liners .
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    Daily routines that include what matters to me are one part of what helps me.
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      Originally Posted by cynthiaSEL View Post

      Daily routines that include what matters to me are one part of what helps me.
      Yes! Habits often make or break someone.
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  • Take care of your health. Exercise. Eat healthy. Meditate.
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