Quick Daily Success Tip: Do your hardest task FIRST

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This tip blew up my productivity by 200%

No joke

What did I do?

I sorted all my daily tasks based on how directly related they are to my BIG GOALS

I then took the top 5 and rated them based on how much I HATED or FEARED having to do them

I took the item I'd rather procrastinate on and put it on the top of my list

I resolved NOT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE unless I knock #1 out

Before I do anything, I'd knock out #1.

It's like removing a mental "PLUG" that blocks the PRODUCTIVITY FLOW I erratically feel from time to time.

Now, using this technique I experience "FLOW"

Here's a vid I found youtube (it's a TED videos so it's obviously not my video) that explains FLOW

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  • Having a good memory also helps with this.

    1. Consume food such as avocado helps.
    2. Get quality sleep also works.

    7 Tricks To Improve your Memory | 67 Golden Rules
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      Originally Posted by Hubert Koh Yu Meng View Post

      Having a good memory also helps with this.

      1. Consume food such as avocado helps.
      2. Get quality sleep also works.

      7 Tricks To Improve your Memory | 67 Golden Rules
      I can vouch for the QUALITY SLEEP recommendation.

      According to at least one research study, the amount and QUALITY of your sleep impacts how much WILLPOWER you have the following day.

      If you didn't sleep well, you have LESS willpower.

      You're easier to distract.

      You end up chasing your tail.

      All too often you miss the forest from the trees.

      You get 'stuck'.

      Willpower is CRUCIAL to productivity and knocking out the stuff that leads to "THE BIG STUFF" (as far as goal setting goes)
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    between my bi polar disorder causing insomnia several night a week and my sleep anea .. the quality sleep is hard but i am one of those rare individuals who can function on a few hours of sleep ..and most people won't notice .

    eventually i need a better system to sleep ..picked up some tips from tim ferris .. high performers have found apple cider vinegar honey mixxed in hot water help them knock out at bed time ..apple cider vinigar has helped me lose 15 pound and shrink my belly a lot in the last two months ..just need to get a new bottle and some honey .

    i hope it works ..better than curren method of a 4loco before i go to sleep or couple of beers haha ..

    the other thing is a chilli pad but i don't have 500 buck for one yet .

    my big goals are more health related at this time ..so losing the weight has been huge ..

    i am not a believer in willpower or depending on willpower ..one of the problems with sleep deprivation .. is that being tired can make you feel hungry when you really just need sleep so instead of sleeping you eat .. then maybe sleep after you eat which is whar sumo wrestlers do to pack on the weight .

    eventually i want to live somewhere with a pool so i can wake up in the morning and go swimming right after i wake up..

    i did hustle close to 11 hours today and made good money for me .. so my big task is keeping my ass out on the strip hustling to earn the cha ching
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      I agree, do your hardest task first, at the same time, be sure be sure to do the one task that is the most important as well.

      Its great to make sure the tough tasks get accomplished, but it is also crucial that the task, tasks that you have deemed the most important, are done as well.

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    Yeah that tip definitely works. Easier said than done, but if you look at it from a logical point of view, it makes sense.
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      Originally Posted by Trey Morgan View Post

      Yeah that tip definitely works. Easier said than done, but if you look at it from a logical point of view, it makes sense.
      I hear ya. It was hard at first but you get used to it.

      One modification that helped me to achieve this breakthrough was to ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to check email until I knocked out my biggest task item of the day.

      Works like a charm. Plus, the rush you get afterward makes it quite HABIT FORMING.
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    Great advice...I find myself doing this as well on my actual physical job and it actually frees me up time close toward the end of my shift because I took care of all the tedious work first that make take up the majority of time on my shift. Takes a certain kind of will power though.
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    Great tip! I often get so tied up in cleaning out my email inbox first thing that by the time I look up it's already mid-day and I'm dreading doing the most difficult task!
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    man, i already know what that is for me. cold call prospecting, ugh. i've tried tippy toeing that for months, sure i'll cold email them but i notice i get a better results via cold call. damnit i knew it -__- cold calling tomorrow morning it is!
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    This is a wonderful method for self discipline. No one thinks to do this.. creating a list of "dislikes" to schedule the workflow. I'm grateful to read it.
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    I've found that having a list of "to do" tasks for the day helps me a lot. I prioritize them the night before and read them just before going to bed.

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    Great advice! Thanks. I agree 100%.

    Sometimes we've got to trick ourselves into doing something to find the energy and motivation to push forward.

    I think Napoleon said that one of the hardest things for a man to overcome is himself (or something like that). Here's where simple life hacks come in hand. Like doing the hardest things first or rewarding yourself when a difficult task has been completed.

    All the best,
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    Great advice. It's like ripping the band aid off...just do it.

    Brian B.

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    For me it's all about creating momentum. Starting is hard continuing is easier.
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    Great advice! ! (This is what I should do everyday and this is what I cannot do everyday.)
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