How to eliminate scarcity mindset forever?

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The concept of the scarcity mindset is well described in the book titled "The seven habits of highly effective people".

A quick definition is that people tend to see the world as a fixed pie, and that in order to become wealthy and successful, all we need to to fight for that share of the fixed pie. This often result in only win-lose situations.

Some tips for eliminating this scarcity mind forever, is to understand that that the situation can always end up as a win-win situation for everyone, and that the very pie that you wish to get, can actually be expanded, through unique perspectives and collaboration.

Any additional thoughts on this?

Oh, and adding to this by Tony Robbins, is that he states that giving is a way to remove the scarcity mindset and very often this action of giving can come back to you in many ways.
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    I thought that a couple of million would do the trick!

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    The best approach to long term success is to be providing value to the people you deal with no matter if they are paying clients, users, partners, visitors or acquaintances. It doesn't really matter if the pie can change in size, because it's always going to be too big for you to be able to consume a sizable portion by yourself anyway.
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    Acknowledging that this type of mindset exists is the first step toward getting over it. Next step is to start viewing others who have achieved what you aspire to, as teachers and not people to envy or despise. Whether you like them personally or not, you can learn from their success, and start carving out your piece.
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    Telling yourself " I AM Worthy" and believing it is your birthright is the fastest way to stop and replace scarcity thinking right in its tracks. Imagine the post "How To Enhance Abundance Mindset Forever." It will be defined as seeing the world as a limitless playing field for manifesting your greatest desires and dreams.
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    Rather than adding a thought, I think the best way to get clarity on this is to have a listen or read of "The Science of Getting Rich"....It covers the notion of the "ether" and of not coming from the competitive frame and how to get what you want without taking away something from another....

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  • Money is simply the tool to happiness. Always will be.

    Money is not the root of evil, greed is the root of all evil.
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    Another thought that came to mind:

    You always have abundance in your life, even if you are at the moment, creating in your life an abundance of lack.

    I believe I'm paraphrasing that from one of Bashar's channelings...but that's an interesting mindshift to make, where-in you realize you are at all times abundant in what you are creating in your life.

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