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This week I've had the chance to read through a new book called "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins.

For the short time that I've been reading this book, there has been so much I've already learned. The strategy outlined in the book is already helping me to get more done in my business.

The central concept of the book is to train yourself to stop overthinking and to start taking action fast. Fast is like within 5 seconds fast.

Let's say you want to start waking up earlier. You set your alarm for the time you want to wake up. When that alarm goes off in the morning, you take action without giving yourself time to think.

If you ever take the time to hit that snooze button or give yourself more than 5 seconds to take action, then you've already failed.

What Mel states in the book is if you don't take action within the first 5 seconds then your brain begins to give you reasons why you shouldn't.

What you must understand is your brain doesn't care about your dreams. All your brain cares about is keeping you alive. The way your brain does this is by keeping you in your comfort zone. Anything that pushes you beyond your comfort zone immediately sends your mind into a frenzy.

Your brain then starts to do everything to keep you from taking action. The defense mechanism kicks in, and the self-doubt kills any effort you make for progress.


By taking fast action, i.e., within "5 seconds" you give yourself a better chance to follow through.

If you've been online for some time, then you know the only way you to be successful is to take action. Most people when they come online think that all they have to do is buy a "gooroo" course and push a few buttons. They believe that by doing this money will start flowing into their bank accounts

I'm sorry

It doesn't work like that online. If this is something, you can't accept I suggest you turn off your computer right now and go back to watching TV.


If you're a part of the crazy set who cares about adding value to the world through their work and are willing to take any amount of action to make their dreams come true, then you need to start taking action.

I dare you right now that idea you have in your head. Take Action.
That course you want to make. Take Action
The landing page you want to know coverts. Take Action

I guarantee if you stop overthinking and just start taking action, you'll make more money online. The biggest reason for failure in life is not trying.

So you don't know if the product will do good. You know how you'll find out? Take action create the course and put it out. See how much sales you get. Oh, you don't know if the page will convert? Create it and run some traffic to it. Check your results.

The people who are successful in life are those who fail a lot by taking action and figuring out what works and what doesn't faster.

The faster you take action and fail the more experience you'll gain.

Stop buying all these courses you already know what to do.





Like close out this forum post and go and take action!
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    Curious, seems to work well thanks will probably taker a deeper look at the book.
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    Originally Posted by oppyeaunome View Post

    The faster you take action and fail the more experience you'll gain.
    Indeed! I'm taking action, failing and succeeding, gaining experience. It's helping me now. It's a process that's helped me in the past. Good reminder.

    By the way, do you want to learn how to get over your fears so that you can accomplish your dreams? If so, do this exercise How to Get Over Your Fears so that You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

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    Love this thread oppyeaunome!

    I've noticed the hesitation not only in my family but also in myself.

    We don't take action because we want to be efficient, practical, or whatever other logical reason you want to go with.

    Human beings make emotional decisions and justify them with logic.

    I think the key to the 5 Second Rule is a DECISIVE ACTION.

    You may have a lot of ideas but at some point you gotta

    1. Decide,
    2. Dedicate,
    3. Do it.

    Hope this helps.
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    five second rule
    is that autobiographical
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    The book is really good. It helps you to get out of your head and take more action.

    Taking more action has been my main goal for this year. So far it has been helping me with getting more stuff done in my business.
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    i was watching an interview and the author stated you don't even need to buy the book the principle can be explained in under a minute ..
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        Originally Posted by David Jones42 View Post

        yes but book help a lot for understand what rule want to say.
        I understand that but i learned a long time ago i don't absord or learn well from reading book ..but we have so many different ways to learn now ..

        I was just more impressed that she was willing to say that
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    thanks dear, i think this is the most important book for all.
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    truly outstanding inspiration. thanks for this post
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    I'm terrible at taking action and making decisions but as it happens today I did make a decision that I hope will benefit me and my family in the months to come...
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    Reminds me of the 3 second rule in pickup...Good reminder of how to approach business and life.

    Follow along day to day as I log my progress to a full-time online income: http://mikeiser.com

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    Great advice. I'm going to go get the book.

    Brian B.

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    That's an interesting concept. It sounds like it would make us more decisive and therefore more confident. I suppose it would help as well if we established why exactly it would be to our advantage to do something different e.g. getting up early.
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    Anything that I have in my hand I try to deal with it, or delegate it's operation to someone I trust.
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    You've got me curious! Thanks for your post. I'll look into that book. It looks like this is a great method to kill procrastination. There've been quite a lot opportunities in my life, where I could've "just done it" but I've kept on putting it off to the point where the opportunity wasn't there anymore. I tend to overthink things and the 5-second thing could be really useful.

    Thanks again and good luck!

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    Will have a look at that book - thanks!
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