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Hey guys,
I would like to know what are your best strategies to stay motivated and productive. My first step was easy - educate. I was reading all day long - Kiyosaki, Hill but as well less known names such as Bray or Duhigg. I somehow got to read a book Habit by Bray and I loved it (despite I bought the version for 13$ and 3 days after I found out that I could get it for free from here : but it was worth it) . Well as well I subscribed for that program or whatever it is and they are sending pretty good articles every 10-14 days - but it is just small stimuli, small motivation and I feel like I am struggling to get hyped again as at the beginning after reading few pages of a self-developmental book. Some tips guys? Thank you very much
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    Meditate everyday and focus on what you want to achieve. The book the power of intention and AAH meditation by Dwayne Dyer will help you. Focus on small steps don't do too much. Meditation will help reduce the negative inner talk and be active as endorphins as a by-product of exercise will help you feel better
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    Here are the secrets of self development that I have learned:

    1. Have Clear Goals/Focus/Concentration: Figure out what your main goals in life are, and write them down. There is ENORMOUS power in concentrated effort and focus- there is very little power in diluted effort and trying to do a million things half assed. I am not sure the ideal number of goals one should have, but I always like to think I have one each in the areas of i) vocation/career/money, ii) personal relationships and health and iii) health and well being.

    2. Have a Plan and a Timeline to Achieve Your Goals- On this point, just remember a plan is just that, a plan. All plans need adjusting from time to time, and your ability to properly plan should improve with experience. The goal is the endpoint, and the plan is the map to get to that endpoint.

    2. Trial and Error: Go out there and make mistakes, and learn from them. I no longer believe in shortcuts like the Law of Attraction, hypnosis and/or subliminals. Yeah, there may be something to all those things, but the much more proven method is actually taking action, seeing what works and what does not work, and adjusting accordingly. If you want to be the world's best conversationalist, for example, besides reading and having a lot of knowledge of a wide array of topics, you need to go out and have a lot of conversations with people, every day.
    Note: One of the keys to Trial and Error is to change your mindset. Winners embrace mistakes as part of the learning process. Losers use mistakes as an excuse to give up (and trust me, for most of our lives, most of us allow mistakes to discourage us and give us an excuse to give up.)

    3. Practice, Persistence and Patience: This is related to number 2. Almost no one becomes a success at anything because they are a 'natural'. They become a success because they take the long view. They have patience, persistence, and they practice whatever skills they are trying to acquire.

    4. Read, read, read- Winners read at least one non-fiction book per month, preferably one per week. Losers spend their time watching The Bachelor and American Idol re-runs (not that winners don't watch T.V. now and again- everyone needs leisure time).

    5. Enjoy every step of the process - Goals are important, but they only mean something if you appreciate and embrace where you are right now.

    So, in summary- WINNERS are focused and have written goals, they have a plan to achieve their goals, they read a lot, they go out and make mistakes until they get whatever they are trying to achieve, and they enjoy every step of the process.

    LOSERS (most of us) do not have specific goals, and when they have goals, they have no plan to achieve them. They give up at the first sign of trouble, want everything now and have no patience if things don't go their way right away. To ease their pain, they squander their free time by watching mind numbing television.

    The good news is that ANYONE at anytime in their life can change course and decide to become a winner.
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      Thanks write27 all very good points especially in an industry with so many options and so many distractions. Having a plan, a routine and being able to stay the course in developing an online biz requires all of the elements you outlined...thanks!
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    I make a pact with myself at the beginning to stay consistent however I feel. In other words I make a decision to focus on the goal and remind myself every day why. Thank you.
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    look in the mirror and smile
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    Meditation does not bring wealth - the right kind of meditation that is. I say learn how to tap - look it up on youtube ... when you feel crappy and lazy you can tap and they go away. Just like that -
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    do you read them and just get motivated or have you actually done any real self improvment after reading them ..

    I say start by learning how to cook and making thing that taste good to you .look at stuff on plug in pressure cookers and air friers ..if you learn to cook stuff that tastes good but also doesn't need as much oil or calories ..

    you chip into that weight loss goal most people have .

    if you are going to drink more water.. buy lemons and limes and fill a picture up with water and chop a few lemons and limes up.. you can refil the picture several time and the water is tasy .

    now into helping with the voices in your head.. and when you start saying mean things to yourself that you would punch other people out for saying to you .. shut that voice down.. start being much more kind to yourself in your self talk
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      Yes, I have compeltely change my daily routine, as well I joined this club andit looks pretty good self-improvement.club
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    Check out the 67 steps by Tai Lopez, he's very active and well followed. Lots of good FREE training as well. Good Luck and keep positive

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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    if you're looking for an idea of how to change your habits or motivate yourself then this is probably one of the most useful books. HABITS: change your habits to fill your life with success

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    You can start with small and easy things first, like get a cup of water, or write a small plan/ note. Achieving small things keep you motivated and create flow for your work process.
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