Taking a vacation

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Hi all.

My friend and I now (partner) have teamed up to start a new digital advertising and marketing agency. We started it about 5 months ago and now have a full website, business plan, and have been focusing on marketing, social proof, knowledge building and gaining new clients.

Things are looking good, we just haven't closed any deals yet. We are progressively on the phone and scored a meeting a couple weeks ago with a company but haven't heard back yet.

I've been planning a trip to Colombia for the past couple years. My other friend and I do lots of backpacking travel. Yesterday I pulled the plug and booked two week travel to Colombia. I haven't told my business partner yet. We talked about travel a lot and he's all for it. We did say that when one of us decided to go away that we just have to cover each other for that time pretty much.

I don't know if I'm over thinking this but we all have to live our lives. I'm wondering when a good time to let him know I'll be leaving for two weeks. My trip begins in September. All help appreciated.
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