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There are a lot of dead beats and tire kickers with negative attitudes who will try and spoil your dream of making money on the internet. They'll try and tell you that internet marketing is a scam or just doesn't work because they personally aren't making money. Pay no mind to these people and remain positive and upbeat even when times get tough, you can make money online and if you keep at it you will.
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    yeah agree.. for me i used to try different site that tell you will earn here... i never regret trying it because i know that i tried it than never trying.. so for now i earn it with my effort and I'm glad..hope everyone will try too...
    Watch and learn
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  • I'll be trying this also. It's so easy to get discouraged when you are starting out. Thanks
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    Thanks for pointing it out for I have been discouraged when I told my friends that Am going to make money on the internet. I have learned to keep things to myself
    Life is Good
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      Hi, Jon:

      Thanks for introducing this valuable topic thread. It is so important to believe in our dreams and to remain confident in our ability to achieve them.

      Friends, relatives and marketing associates sometimes mean well when they try to "warn" us about the challenges, but the bottom line is it is OUR future that is at stake, so it is our responsibility to stay focused on the positives that will move us forward, and to resist any and all negatives that may come our way.

      In my opinion, anything is possible when you put your mind to it and if you are willing to stay focused, committed and dedicated to continuous learning. The only true obstacle is lack of knowledge ... and that obstacle can easily be overcome.


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        You are right...I find that I've stopped
        trying to explain what I do online and
        how I do it.

        People automatically think I'm being
        brainwashed or scammed.

        So I don't say anything. I've stopped
        allowing their negativity into my life.

        Now, I enjoy writing and being creative
        without feeling as if I've got to prove
        anything to anyone.
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        Originally Posted by GT View Post

        Hi, Jon:

        In my opinion, anything is possible when you put your mind to it and if you are willing to stay focused, committed and dedicated to continuous learning. The only true obstacle is lack of knowledge ... and that obstacle can easily be overcome.

        I agree that, we have to belive in our abilities to achive our dreams, ofcourse we will need some tools to get it true , just have some purposefulness, and put in your mind that any thing can be learned and any knowledge can be optained with time.

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    Yes I think many of us internet marketers find outsiders and even family members non-supportive of the idea of making money on the internet. It just doesnt seem like a real means to making money or they think it must involve scam or porn.

    Showing them what you do and giving them some glimpses of your paychecks will change their mind though. Ive converted a few of my non-believer friends and family into internet marketers themselves.
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    Very true, I have heard that many times. Also people really don't like take you that serious when you tell them that you make money from home. All you have to do is ignore it and keep pushing until you start making money. Never let failure get in your way either. Failure leads to success.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    Yes, that`s right. Man have to believe in himself and his visions at foremost.
    If your faith in your idea is strong enough, and you act upon it, it`s realization is just matter of time.
    As Victor Hugo said:
    "A stand can be made against invasion by an army; no stand can be made against invasion by an idea."
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    i could not agree more. people will just want to pull you down specially at the time when you have something going on. squeezing out all the positive juices can make you stay focus and driven.
    ð online marketr
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    Its all motivation as far as I'm concerned. I've reached a point now where I am literally grateful for every naysayer that comes my way. I don't think this works for everyone but for me, I use it as fuel.

    I actually use these "negative" motivators to kick my butt into action if I am slipping form the commitments I have made to myself.

    I also remind myself that these are businesses we are starting here. Businesses take time to grow and develop. Whether other people believe what you are doing is right or wrong is irrelevant. Your business will succeed when you attract customers who want what you got!

    Great post and great topic. Thanks for bringing it up
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    Thats true, every individual whenever he wants to take some constrcutive step towards doing something new he will witness negativity surrounding him in terms of people that this does not work ot you cannot do it, I would say he should at least give it a try as it will be better than failure to try. Thanks
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    Just stay true to yourself and nothing anyone says can get to you. If you understand that they are saying it because they see you are going somewhere then it shouldn't get to you. It just lets you know you are on the right path.
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    Life is full of challenges and people seem to discourage change. They are the ones who I feel sorry for. But that is who they are and I try very hard to stay away from them.

    I found out along time ago that I don't tell people what I am doing, as they immediately freak! So I just tell them I work for someone (hint: me) and I do all my required work on the internet (for them). lol

    When my friends what to know exactly what I do, I just tell them, every day is different and leave it at that.

    So I remain positive and I don't have anyone knocking me.

    These posts have great suggestions!
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