What's "POSITIVE" for you?

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You know, that's really interesting.

Please be assured - I'm not blaiming anyone, but looking through threads at this forum I noticed that many warriors use the word "positive" without giving any thought to it. It's like a generally accepted thing, a norm - one mentions "positive thinking" and everyone choruses "Yes, positive! You should always be positive! Positive thinking is the positive way to positive life!"

But let's wait a bit and think it over: what the word "positive" means for each one. We should build our life consciously, don't we? So let's use the words with full awareness of what we are saying.

Please forgive my scrupulousness, it's due to my specialization - linguistics, but I always try to understand the meaning of words and phrases I use.

If we look in a dictionary we'll notice way too many meanings of "positive". (Positive Definition | Definition of Positive at Dictionary.com) In our context the closest meaning is "emphasizing what is laudable, hopeful, or to the good; constructive". And here's just the time to remember Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity :rolleyes: Everything is relative in our life too.

What is laudable for one may be unworthy for another, hopes are different for every person, not to mention "good", which might be quite opposite in one and the same situation for two parties to a deal, for example.

So let's determine (and use thoughtfully) what "positive" means for you. Yes, for you personally.

Share your opinions.
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    It's an interesting question that SergeyT raises because I think the majority of Warriors would say they are 'positive' or even 'mega positive' in this particular sub-forum. And I agree with SergeyT that language is all-important; in my case because of the chatter that's always going on in my mind so I believe it's important to use 'positive' language to counter some of the negative stuff that I insist on throwing at myself.
    Unfortunately, very often the chatter is much more prominent than the images and even feelings both of which are almost exclusively 'positive' so if only I could get rid of the chatter...
    But I also believe that there are two sides to every coin so whilst the word 'positive' may be almost everyone's mantra on this Forum, I regard this attitude as having a negative as well as a positive force associated with it.
    For example, is it really 'positive' to keep on suffering repeated set-backs but to keep going in the same direction because it would be negative (or counter-positive because the word 'negative' is banished from your vocabulary) to back off and reassess your strategy?
    I know that you could say it's positive to say that "Although I didn't knock it down first time I am just going to keep banging my head against this brick wall until I do knock it down" - you may eventually succeed but at what cost and what are you then going to do once you have finally smashed the lousy wall?
    Finally, with due respect to SergeyT, I think that if you try to define the word 'positive' it will detract from it as I believe it should be each individual's emotional concept (including a sub-concept for the word positive) of what is driving them towards their goal which is of over-riding importance.

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    My personal definition of Positive would be anything "good" or "acceptable" that will propel me closer to my goals. Through trial and error, if a situation presents itself that I believe once was positve but hinders or prevents me from obtaining my goals in time has to be cut lose. In my opinion, plans change but goals do not.
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    To me, staying positive means accepting that it isn't always going to be easy but not feeling sorry for yourself and looking at the bigger picture. It's focusing on what you want instead of worrying about what you don't want or what you're scared of. It's embracing the challenges you're going to face without complaining.
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      Personally for me being positive means no matter the situation, no matter how despairing it may appear, looking for the silver lining that can be found in the darkest of storm clouds!

      It is turning what was meant to be evil into good.

      Also positivity to me is being a peacemaker and looking for the lovely, the pure, and the best in all situations and people.

      Sorry, if you still don't understand what I mean, than I am helpless to make you understand.

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