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Fellow Warriors,

Here are the 5 IM deadly sins! Watch out for them

1. You're not tracking your sales and leads EVERY day

This is the single most important habit you need to develop. I don't care if you haven't done a dime yet (it's probably the reason why...) but, you need to report your daily sales and subscribers on an excel spreadsheet.

Here is mine that you can copy as a model:

It's going to take you 2 minutes, but it could change your business

2. You don't feel like you're being ripped off with the product you're selling

What I mean by that is that you feel you have been given so much value at a low price so as to almost feel like you're being ripped of. Whether it's a $7, $37 or $147, your customers must feel they had at least 10 times worth value for their price.

You'll feel more confident and congruent promoting your stuff because you know on the sub-conscious level that you're over-delivering.

3. You're not building a list

Shift your focus from "making money online" to "building a list in a targeted market". This is the fastest and most profitable way to start. You need:

A. A download page where you're able to give something of value (report, audio or video)

B. An account with Aweber.com

C. An opt-in page with headlines and your opt-in window

TADAM! You're in business.

Then do whatever it takes to drive traffic to this webpage.

All my businesses are based on the same principle. For example, one of my businesses is a self-esteem and confidence coaching practice. It's only an opt-in page where I give a free report. As soon as I got a few hundred subscribers, I made them an offer for a coaching program and got 10 clients on board for $147 a month!

4. You continually WHINE about the fact of not making money online

First, re-read sin #3 and then decide TODAY that you're going to stop whining and just take action with FAITH. Even when I was broke, I had an unshakable faith in the fact that I would be successful. Can you ever imagine Bill Gates, Tony Robbins or Oprah whining?

ALL MY LIFE I've lived by Dale Carnegie's principle #1:

Don't criticize, condemn or complain.

5. You're afraid to lose money

There're only two emotions in life: LOVE and FEAR.

If your fear of losing money is greater than your love for success then you're finished. Let me tell you something: YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE MONEY ALONG THE WAY. PERIOD. I still do myself. Because, guess what? You'll make mistakes! It's just being human. The fear of losing money will paralyze you forever if you don't conquer it. Remember that as an online entrepreneur, you significantly take FAR LESS risk than our peers in the brick and mortar business. It's okay to lose money but, NEVER lose the learning.

Your friend

Super Ryan
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    What about not taking action :p that has to be the biggest sin.
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      So true. I especially like your point about the brick and mortar businesses. I have a good friend who owns a sporting goods store and does fairly well for himself. The trick is, in order to make his several thousand dollars a day, he needs to carry over a million dollars in inventory, besides all of his overhead expenses. Most of us IMers only have to pay a few bucks for content creation and PPC campaings. Not a bad gig, if you ask me.


      When life gives you lemons, at least you don't get scurvy.

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    What about worshipping gurus
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    I agree with butters. Taking action is something 99% of people don't do. They will buy expensive products and softwares but never really put it in action.
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    I second the motion of not worshiping gurus. There are some people that really know their stuff and are expensive, but 9 out of 10 are spewing hot air. Whatever it is you need to know can be learned through lots of trial, error, and experimentation... Finding a mentor that will treat you fairly also helps.
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    Maybe he could rename it 7 deadly sins and add in ACTION and Worship of Gurus

    That said, i can definitely relate to some of those sins listed, some of which i'm still trying to break.

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    Staying focused on one thing. Its soo easy to jump around and be the lemming when all it takes is to just focus and become good at one thing. The funny thing is that every single method or technique or niche within IM has the potential to be insanely profitable, you just need to become good enough at it to milk some of those profits.

    in short, dont jump around like a little bean!
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. Very useful
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    Thank you for sharing this.

    I guess that the vast majority of users(and people in general) are looking for that magic bullet or some kind of secret that will magically grant them everything they long for...

    It's a shame how threads like this one gets buried and people don't appreciate a real helpful stuff that could totally CHANGE their RESULTS if they would just step out of that thinking pattern that someone else or something else OUTSIDE of you will grant/give you the skills/knowledge/things you want.

    If people could just grasp the meaning behind simple stuff like this they could actually live more joyful lives and enjoy total abundance.

    Thanks again for the contribution!

    The Only Way We Can Truly Heal The World Is To Heal Ourselves First

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    Awesome Tips !

    Sounds like you know what you are talking about. Thanks for sharing.
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      I have to agree with businessmatt. Most "quirks and mortar" businesses do have to carry significant overhead... in Matt's case. He was referring to a sporting goods store, which carried a lot of inventory. But employing just a few full-time staff members can very quickly escalate your overhead to dizzying numbers.

      We as IM'ers are in this amazing situation whereby we get to leverage our extensive knowledge and skills in order to achieve optimal positioning in the lucrative markets... we are truly in positions to make insane amounts of money -- if only we remain focused on one single destination at a time.

      This is where I also agree with Kenster -- it's just so easy to get excited about so many ideas... but that's how we become the jack of all trades, master of none (a.k.a.: poor)
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    Originally Posted by SuperRyan View Post

    4. You continually WHINE about the fact of not making money online
    Good list, SuperRyan... and I feel that #4 is the basic "bottom line"... all that time spend whining could actually be used to be DOING something to achieve success.
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    Thank you for the deadly sins! I should start a new Excel sheet right now. Butters is right. Taking action is the hardest part.
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      For what it's worth here's one I do continually. Trusting 'top-guys' too much. I won't say gurus as I know better than to give anybody that designation. I've learned that even the ones I most respect will on occasion can speak misleadingly. Staying sufficiently alert all the time is one I need to remind myself to do.
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    This is a great post. Short, concise, to the point. Would be a great read for newbies. I do like the feedback about adding inaction and guru worship to the list. Could save countless hours and dollars for those starting out.

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