How do you help others?

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I find that more and more people are reaching out to help others. The ripple effect in helping someone else is tremendous and the rewards are incredible.

I'm not talking about material rewards, but the feeling of love and peace you get when you help someone in need.

Don't be shy....when was the last time you helped someone out?
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    I believe that prayers could help..yah, this is not just about material things to show our help to someone.. I prayed for the people in haiti...

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    My job is helping people solve problems. A lot of times that involves helping them see their differences and find a way to bridge them, so they can achieve a common goal.

    Other times that involves integrating the different perspectives of many people into a cogent strategy and achieving consensus.

    And every now and then it involves fixing something someone else broke.
    Sandy Cormack

    Creativity Training, Strategic Planning, Personal Development, Organizational Development, and Lead Guitar
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      I'm not as esoteric. If I know someone doesn't have enough to eat - I help out. If someone needs a ride, I provide it. If an animal is hungry - I feed it, too.

      For me, it's about doing small things as you can that will make someone's day easier or better. To me, if you need to tell others what you did - the good deed doesn't count. Then it becomes about you.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

      I'm going to work on being less condescending
      (Condescending means to talk down to people)
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        Doing little things that helps people without expecting any rewards including a 'thanks', I try to do that as for as possible.
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    [QUOTE=cody123;1681104The ripple effect in helping someone else is tremendous and the rewards are incredible.

    I'm not talking about material rewards, but the feeling of love and peace you get when you help someone in need.


    Helping others brings out an incredible feeling. This is actually the main reason I ended up IMing.(I'm practically in love w/ Game Theory). I found a way to help connect people to the products that will help em and stress to stress the true value the product contains(believe it or not, this is something I'm convinced our industry sucks at : p).... and all at the same time making some money for it.
    Sounds like a win win to me

    And I usually try to teach someone how to fish by giving them the bait and showing them where to throw it...the rest is up to them. You can't learn to catch a fish without gettin your hands dirty
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      I am always ready to help.Helping others gives me self satisfaction.' Helping" can be a strong tool in building relationships.
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    Awesome Thread Cody..

    The world needs more people that care.. Everyone aims for success, But what they forget is Success is meant to be shared..

    I don't want to retire alone, I wan't to retire with all of you. And build relationships with all these great people.

    Especially with the economy like this?

    For me, I help everyone I can. Just smiling when I'm out and about changes a lot of peoples days. Negativity is contagious, but Positivity is definitely just as contagious..

    I also help people with their health and also financially through a great company I was introduced to.

    Email me :

    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

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    I went on a trip to Cambodia recently, and among the things I did to help out there, I went with a group to a rubbish dump where several families lived.

    Each day they go out onto the rubbish piles and collect plastics or anything else they might be able to sell for a few cents. We fed them some fruits and bread, and made them smile just for a little bit.

    As we were about to leave the site, a little girl comes up to me, she was maybe 8-9 years old, and gives me the warmest hug and smile.

    When you go to a place like that, you understand exactly how privileged we all are.

    Help those who need it in whatever way you can think of, because you can. If that's a smile to a stranger on the street, or volunteering your time to a local community group, it all matters.
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    It is a truly joyful experience to share and hep others.

    Still, I cannot believe our brothers and sisters are homeless, and hungry.
    The Earth offers more than enough abundance and resources for all!

    Each and every one of us should cherish out planet.


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    There are many causes out there which are dear to us in our own individual way. In my case, I love to give back by listening to them. Everyone's always talking, very few listen. Sometimes that's all that they need.

    Personally, I give tips and hints from my own experience in copywriting and business. I believe in, as AwesomePossum said it, teaching a person to fish rather than giving them the fish.

    But in all that I do, I ask for one thing in return: that they, in turn, help others around them in ways that they can. It could be 10% earnings to charity, causes or organisations dear to them. It may come in the form of sharing the knowledge I shared with them with others.

    At the moment, I'm exploring social entrepreneurship as an avenue. :-)

    Best regards,

    Aldric Tinker
    My Copywriting & NLP Website

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    Helping others is a big part of my goal and business plan.

    In one way, I want to help others out within my work i.e. if people ask me questions on my blog, I will always help them - I never recommend products just to get commissions, I'll try to help them for free wherever possible. After all, I couldn't have done what I've done without people willing to do the same.

    Above that, I want to help in a wider sense. This not only means donating money, but also donating time. When my business is up and running more I'm looking forward to volunteering again. I did it in the past and I have to say it was excellent - I would recommend it to everyone I meet. Because not only do you feel you're doing something worthwhile, but the people you work with are fantastic too
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    A few minutes ago. I translated my friend's writing for free, because I knew the contents would make the readers happy
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    I help others by contributing
    as much knowledge as I can
    to help them achieve what it
    is they desire in life.
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    i create artwork. The most beautiful and powerful imagery i can create so that people can stop; take a moment, and reflect on the beauty and power of the world around them and the amazing beauty of the people in that world.
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      The following story always reminds me of how helping just one person out makes a difference. I've heard that some people say that there are just too many people that need help and we can't help all of them but they do try.

      I can't remember exactly how the story goes but the principle is the same. If anyone knows the original story i would appreciate it if you could share it with me.

      A mother and child are walking along the beach and there are hundreds of washed up sea snails. The child starts picking them up and putting them back in the water. After a while the Mom says "There are too many, you can't help all of them!" and the boy replies "I know Mom, but for each one of them I am making a difference, for each every one that I put back, I save its life!"

      I love the story because it shows how helping just one person out, we are making the world of a difference!
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    Small stuff? Just open to the door for people when you're entering a mall or something? Also, remember to smile and say thank you to cashiers.
    Signature Want to get your company profiled? Drop a comment in one of the articles.
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    This is a very inspiring thread I think that by sharing were giving something of ourselves to others.

    There is no such thing as Procrastination, Its a presupposition of Inaction, A State that doesn't exist! Procrastnation is just Ineffective Action masquerading as Inaction

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      The spirit of helping in this forum is amazing. Especially those who are willing to share their methods of making money in details. It really does help a newbie like me a lot and keep me motivated.
      Also, it infused in me a spirit to share too, whatever I've learned and is working. That's why its so hard not to hit the thank button when you see someone giving such good information/help/advice.

      A big thanks to all those who helped in this forum!!

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  • How to help others? we will never know how to help if we don't know the need. I know someone that needs money a while ago, I did not help with giving money outright but I gave that someone something to do to earn, like teaching someone how to catch fish instead of giving it. That's how I ought to help others..... PEACE!
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    There is a saying...

    People will forget what you said
    People will forget what you did
    But people will never forget,
    how you made them feel

    To your success,

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    It's trying to make kindness a habit. A smile costs nothing and can help a person immeasurably. That smile causes someone else to feel good about themselves, raising their self-esteem. Holding the door open for someone, letting someone if front of you at the store, these are simple things which can change a person's mood and brighten up their day. When in a better mood better things tend to happen for you; the little things are helpful.
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    • This is not the last time I helped someone, but I remember when I was driving back home from college. I saw an old homeless man pushing a buggie with old clothes and bottles in it. I've seen him many times before - but this time I wanted to help. so I made a U-turn and came back to give him $5.00 - and told him, "God loves you" -

      That was a great feeling because people was passing him by on the highways. The rest of my day was wonderful from then on.
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    This is an unbelieveable post! Let me just explain why. This allows me to justify the power of the subconscious mind. I have been internet marketing for 5 months now. Writing my ass off. Everyday 10 articles, 20 articles, 1 day I wrote 27 articles.

    Still, NO sale. not 1...zilch. My laptop was stolen 2 weeks ago, and I had all my work on it. I moved cities only bringing my laptop and clothing. Low on cash, hoping that my writing and other things would work for me.

    Anyways everything that went wrong has gone wrong and I find myself stressed to the point of not knowing what to do next. I have an incredibly strong will and determination, but even with those things I find myself losing grip. Regardless of what happens I am holding on until I can finally make this thing work online.

    Today, I thought about how uncaring and how much people are just trying to sell products and hypnotize or sell you into giving them money. Being in the situation I'm in now made me feel badly that people are more manipulative than helpful. I came on to warrior forum with the intention of posting a thread about people who actually reach out, and have really struggled and who sincerely want to help others to be successful.

    The first post I read as I jumped on to this forum was this. I think it is beyond coincidence, seeming as how I have never really seen a post like this before.

    Anyways, just thought Id share that with everyone. Thought it was kind of touching.
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    By the way, I have many live articles now, is there anyone who can help me to tweak my articles to get more views or clickthroughs?
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    For me helping and caring for others is the basis of my success. When I reach out to someone else the value that I gain is long lasting and feeds more positivity into my being. This is translated into the how and why I do what I do, whether in business, family dealings, or just everyday living. I become a better person and my life becomes so much richer.
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    teach anyone so they will be know something
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    A friend of mine persuaded me to join the local State Emergency Service unit we have here in town just over a year's the best thing I ever did !

    We're all volunteers (who get a lot of training) and provide the road crash rescue service for the area, fix storm/floood/wind damage, go on land searches for missing people etc. We're on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    It's a good feeling being able to go out and help out other people who are often in pretty dire I've made many new friends. I think I'll be with the SES for quite a few years to come!
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    Some instances :
    Financially when others are really in need and if I can afford
    Hearing problems of someone and giving right advise
    Giving seats to others if there is a shortage
    Not yelling at someone else if he does a mistake and I'm in command to do it
    Forgiving others for their mistakes but telling them how it may harm them in future
    Leaving my comfort zone if someone calls me for some help
    possibly what I can do for the good of others - I try to do it.
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    Helping with or without expected reward is great.

    Personal I see that when I deliver real value, not my value, but the value someone else is looking for, then comes the rewards naturally.

    Sometime that is money, sometimes that person become my advocate, sometimes a life long friend. No matter what the value delivery attracts the people you want to have around you.

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    It's only a small thing but today I helped a mother Carry her baby and pram up 2 flights of stairs because the lift wasnt working

    Please read the sig file rules

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    What a human can do for someone else. that i do. God has no limitation in any matter but the human.
    Pray for others as you can easilly.

    Regards !
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    I always carry a quote that i heard in my heart and it says: 'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!' I find the idea that we can make a life by giving so inspiring that i give whenever and however i can. I give small and give big as well and it makes me feel like I am doing go to the human race!
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    I help people all the time with hypnotherapy. I give away many free recordings on the internet, and charge for some. It's really humbling when you receive emails of gratitude.
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      Living in a foreign country, we definitely feel the camaraderie of fellow ex-pats. Things are not as convenient here and you have to rely on others to help you find/get what you are looking for.
      It takes a while to get used to...but this is how humans are supposed to help each other.
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    The satisfaction of helping others shows self that you have a kind side and that your heart is in the right place.

    Gave a lady a few dollars at the check out when she mentioned that she had been robbed the night before. The lady was about 70 years old and sweet as can be.
    When I gave her the money she looked up at me and said "You must know Jesus!" What a great feeling that was!

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    I help others with anything I can... We need to realize that by helping people, later on we will have the return!
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    "It is when you give of yourself that you truly give" - Kahlil Gibran

    Helping others or in other words, giving of ourselves is a great law of life. We all must embrace an attitude of service and generosity of heart. This brings to mind the following excerpt from one of my favorite books by Michael Beckwith, "40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast".

    Ralph Waldo Emerson said that we place the universe in our debt as we give more than what we are compensated for, which means that we don't work for money alone. Since we cannot out give the self-givingness of the Spirit, the universe gives even more back to us than we could ever give to it.

    What a wonderful universe we live in!

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    I live up in NE Thailand, so every single day I'm helping. We even live just beside a Buddhist temple, which acts as basically an orphanage, or the equivalent of what we'd call an orphanage. So I do what I can to make sure they're always stocked up on everything, etc...

    It's almost impossible not to help, especially when you spend quite a bit of time in the rural villages. I can make more in one day than the majority of these guys make in a year, so... it'd be pretty rude of me not to spread the wealth around a bit.
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      The only way we can be massively successful is to offer massive value to other people. If you fail to help others by providing massive value, you fail to help yourself and will never be successful.

      How do you help others?

      By using my unique strength to add value to other people's lives.


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    I am currently helping a newbie get started with IM. Its a great feeling having to teach this person and for once am happy about coaching someone!

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    I help people by listening to their problems and concerns about their lives. I then help them find their own solution to what they may perceive as a problem or to look at the problem as perhaps not a problem but an opportunity to learn about themselves and others. I help individuals accept who they are and look forward to who they might want to become.

    I provide that shoulder for people to cry on. I provide a heart that embraces their faults and fears. I give them an ear that listens and tries to understand.

    However, I don't let them cry too long (because my cashmerer sweater will get soaked) and because the crying only prevents the healing. I try to direct them to their own peace of mind and own place of contentment by accepting "those things that they cannot change" change those things they can . . . and the wisdom....

    I try to help families work through their dysfunctions, understanding that all of us have problems but knowing that loving someone enough to accept their faults without allowing their faults to control our lives is an important step in building functional relationships.

    Showing individuals how to love each other without limits, accepting our children as real human beings who have feelings, aspirations and desires that are usually diametrically opposite of what we feel, aspire to or desire for them

    Accepting ourselves as worthwhile loving people who have something to give to the world that is unique.

    I give of myself each day to someone, my ideas, my love, my concern, my understanding. I send out love and gratitude to humanity so that that love, gratitude and conern will stir someone to pass it along to someone else, making our world better and brighter.... A Woman. or A Men
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    If I know I can help someone, I would definitely help. I guess this is the case with most of us on this forum (its mainly about helping each other and becoming successful together)
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    I disagree the passing of tears are a part of healing, few need to be taught how to love they just need to be loved
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    I also find that by helping others, maybe getting them to see the situation a different way, or just listening, gives you a different experience to think about, and you learn something about yourself, so for me it really works both ways... it's great!
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    I enjoy helping people to gain confidence. Online that means positive feedback to other peoples successes, help when they have problems, uplifting words when they feel down or experienced failure (although there is no such thing in my opinion).

    In real life I give workshops in fire breathing and fire eating. Most of the people who come to me tell me at the beginning they don't know if they can actually do it, that they are scared or that they really do not believe this works. After a few hours all of them are able to do it. Being able to control and deal with strong elements that we learned to perceive as dangerous makes people aware of the fact that there is much more to semselves than they ever thought.
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    I mostly help in prayers. But anytime, I have extra money, I wud give to poor ppl. But helping others are not only giving money. Many ways. Beside praying for others, I also like encouraging others, like giving them support and be good listener.
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    This thread got big! glad to see a lot of people contributing to the positivity!!

    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

    I Write Articles Too! PM ME!

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    To reach that state where you start getting the feeling of love and peace from the people you help is by providing them very valuable information, advices, tips not just rewrite whatever you hear or read which most internet marketers and others repeat over and over again. You need to make them trust you that you are the source of their success in future, you don't only make them love you, but you make them feel like "much indebted" for you!
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  • Profile picture of the author jewin
    As they say, what goes around comes around - this rings true in personal and professional relationships. I've recently picked up the habit of phoning one person I want to know each day (I have 15 relationships on my list that I want to build). My goal when calling is simply to help them. Now, that is professional. On a personal level, its easy, just show love to the people close to you.
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    • Profile picture of the author Katharin
      Originally Posted by jewin View Post

      As they say, what goes around comes around - this rings true in personal and professional relationships.
      This is very true. I don't do random acts of kindness to get anything back... but I've found out over and over again that people remember and will eventually do something for me, too... it's always such a nice surprise when it happens.
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    Deirdre J. Baker
    CEO - Superior Business Management Solutions, LLC
    Support Services for Small Biz and Entrepreneurs

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    First of all thanks for started this kind of nice and humanity related Thread. Well it depends that what kind of help a person need , i don't any reward because it tends you towards Greed. I am always ready to help someone . Anyone Even i don't know them. Its my Spirit for all.
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    I'm always there if people need to talk,but maybe I could do more to help others!
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    Originally Posted by cody123 View Post

    Don't be shy....when was the last time you helped someone out?
    Last time... yesterday. I'm very much into random acts of kindness. You're right about the good feeling that comes with it... nothing can beat it.
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  • Profile picture of the author gabquotesl
    i donate to charity every year
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    I helped people as long as I can but if its impossible I'll just pray for them because for me nothing is impossible in prayers.
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    i try to do to others what i would have others do to me
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    I'm with Michael55555555555555555.

    Wanna learn how to make money with little effort? Be sure to visit my blogs!

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    I always try to help people when they really want to be helped.

    Some people just dont want to change and keep doing what their doing because it gives them more pleasure.

    For example i had a friend who is addicted to video games and spends most of his time playing on a console. I've known him for all my life, hes been the same way for years. He would hint that he has a problem and ask me for advise about his personal life, because he's never had a relationship before. So i told him what needed to be said regarding his video game addiction and the way he dressed and his refusal to go out on events and meet people and talk to people around school.

    He just cringed and sighed and agreed. But never does anything to change his life, whenever i ask him to come out and have fun, he says his too busy playing video games.

    Those types of people have to see the light first then they can be helped. The problem lies that they dont see playing video games extensively as a problem. This is true for many people who play MMORPG's specifically World of Warcraft. Well back in my day it was Ultima Online that everyone was hooked on.

    But yea i try to help people that want to change, and feel the need to improve themselves because it would be more painful not changing.

    My 2 cents

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    if can help just help ,if cant i will never try it
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  • Profile picture of the author jointaldc
    I try to listen to people. I listen with all my heart, because I know sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. They need an outlet, and it feels good knowing that someone felt they were understood
    Jointal ---- A CPA network that operates on trust -
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