What is a Summary of Your Perfect Day?

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After watching Frank Kern's Core Influence DVD, I'm writing my perfect day on paper. I humbly admit I am struggling to come up with my ideal day... I felt guilty about this, not even knowing how I want to live my life!

I'm up to lunch time and am lost with what to do! LOL. My work is complete, yes I'm still working because I value growth and contribution. To help me see what I want, two ideas I just had is to write my passions and values down.

It's unbelievable the clarity and intensified passion I now have with what I want after what I've done so far. I wrote my first minute of the day a few weeks ago and started crying.

The perfect day is an evolving process, one that'll change over time. I need to get my brain ticking.

This is a good opportunity to share a summary of your perfect day. I want to get uplifted by your dreams!
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    My perfect day would consist of the days that everything I test works well enough to make it cost effective.
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    My ideal would actually be away from the PC, as I spend my life in front of it, although I only work 4 hours a day, I then surf, or load up some total war or football manager, so I'm always on the damn thing.

    Perfect working day is four hours where money rolls in, nobody annoys me, and more importantly I feel I have not annoyed anyone else (a rarity!).
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    My perfect day would be sitting out on the beach enjoying the sun away from my laptop and mobile.
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    Depends if it's a work day or play day....2 totally different scenarios.
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