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I became an affiliate marketer for one reason: to free me of the day job so that I can write my books.

Slowly but surely I'm gaining momentum with my affiliate endeavors, but yesterday, one of my fiction books (which is challenging to market on the web, but I'm gaining ground there) received an incredible unsolicited review:

Read Review HereRead Review Here

I'm moving on my dreams BIG TIME -- but I've done everything backwards -- yet because I work with ENERGY tools, I have learned to transmute, to change negative energy patterns into positive ones! WOOHOO. I did some big energy work Friday and Saturday woke up to the incredible review.

NY TIMES here I come!

Gift YOURSELF a gift -- READ A BOOK -- Not to learn something but to be transported somewhere else. Try it you might like it!

and if you want to find out where I am learning to transmute the energy -- send me a PM.
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    That's great! Maybe I will buy one of your books
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    Good for you! Its great to meet someone accomplishing there goals. Very inspiring.
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