15 Personal Development Experts At Your Fingertips

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I am one of the presenters in this free event at the Self Improvement Summit 2010 that starts Monday 12 April.

I would be remiss if I neglected to let you guys know about that! Sorry it took me this long.

It's a virtual (online, browser based) event, so you won't need to book in and travel anywhere.
Enjoy it all from the cozy comfort of your dressing gown.

There is a quick registration (just first name & email).
You'll be sent all 15 one-hour interviews over the a two-week period.

I have added a fantastic bonus for guests who register.
It's a bonus that I don't offer anywhere else, and probably won't for a while.
You'll have access to free bonus gifts from each of the line up of experts.

The place to be inspired during this month and to instantly collect bonuses is Self Improvement Summit 2010

Here is the list of the 15 topics being covered by each presenter:
Discover YOUR Personal Formula for Success and Fulfillment
The Creative Choice
The #1 Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life: High Self-Esteem
The Power of Taking Intelligent Risks
Unleash Your Full Potential
Releasing Mental Blocks and Core Beliefs
Achieve Twice the Performance with Half the Effort in Business and in Life!
Mental Photography: The Secret to More Knowledge, Memory & Clarity
Creating Momentum For Making A Huge Difference To Your Goals
Exceptional Steps to Your Best Business and Life
The Four Secrets Shared By All High Achievers
Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken: The Power of Authenticity
How to Balance Work & Life and Still Have It All
Think Like a Black Belt!
How to use Lateral Thinking to Boost Creativity
From Mainstream to Your Own Stream
3 Strategies for Staying Accountable to Success: Get unstuck and on track with this proven formula for lasting change
After the date of my presentation, you're most welcome to write to me and ask any questions.
You can do that at My Forward Steps Mini-Questions
Let me know you've come via the Warrior Forum and I'll be sure to spend extra time with your question(s).
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    thanks for sharing this Thea. I haven't heard of most of the featured speakers, which is exciting to me. The "usual suspects" are always good, but I've heard most of what they have to say. I'm looking forward to some new perspectives and information.

    Mindset and Method to Creating Lasting Online Business Success -- Join me for free tips that help you create Evergreen Success

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    Ya, it's definitely nice to have some new perspectives. Pretty cool.


    It's really unfortunate my studies are locked up right now...I'm going through The Law of Success, The Master Key System, The Sedona Method, and everything by Eben Pagan(BEAST!)
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    Thanks for sharing such a nice tips here for self improvement. These are really good and helped many of us.

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      Thanks for sharing such a nice tips here for self improvement.
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