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Do you remember the popular TV program called The Wonder Years that featured the 'growing-up' years of the main character - Kevin Arnold?

In one episode, Kevin - played by Fred Savage - went to work with his father, Jack (Dan Lauria), to see what his dad actually did to earn a living. He sat in his father's office in the big swivel chair and contemplated what it would be like to become a top executive at Norcom; observing, as he did so, the difference in his father's attitude when dealing with both his boss and his subordinates.

It was a very enlightening experience especially when Kevin asked his father the question,

"When did you decide you wanted to become a Manager at Norcom?"

The stuttering answer he received indicated that becoming part of the middle-management team at Norcom was never a choice he consciously made. It was something that just, kind-of, happened - all by itself. It was the natural product of life's consequences being played out in the character - Jack Arnold's - life. Sure, being an executive at this company was a good job, by all accounts: it enabled the Arnold family to live their comfortable middle-class life after all, but it was never the life that Jack consciously chose for himself.

And so too is it, with us! When we have no definite purpose identified and no proper goals to aim at, life is what happens to us. Life itself dictates where we go, what we do and what we become. And, you know, there is nothing wrong with that; after all, the world needs middle-managers to populate the executive positions at the corporate organisations that Norcom represents.

The tragedy is that, what life chooses for you - a product of circumstance and opportunity - is probably not what you would choose for yourself; given the opportunity to make a completely free choice. And that is what the question that Kevin poses is all about.

Do you remember being a child yourself and being asked that famous question: what do you want to be when you grow up? I am sure you do; and I am also sure that neither you, nor any of your friends would have answered that you wanted to become a part of the corporate empire of a large organisation that would provide security for your family. No - you would have answered, from your heart, that you wanted to become a footballer, a ballerina, an explorer, a nurse, a pilot or a missionary.

You would not have been thinking about practicalities: you would have been engaged in the type of thinking that many people have 'forgotten' how to do. Why? Because you have been conditioned, over very many years, to believe that these notions were, and indeed still are, just impractical. Your parents, teachers and even your friends managed to talk you out of such aspirations until you too were prepared to settle for what life would choose for you.

But, do you know something? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, it does not need to stay that way; unless, of course, you make a conscious choice to remain in your current position. Remember that there is nothing wrong with your current job, especially if your decision to remain in it is entirely your own, but if there is still something deep within you, an inner longing, that remains unfulfilled, perhaps now is the time to rethink what your life is about.

And you can begin that process by getting a free copy of my book The 7 Keys to Success. Download it here, without obligation right now ...

7 Keys to Success - Free Personal Development Book
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    Great post Will thanks.
    Thought I would add to your post with an excerpt from my book entitled
    "How Your Creativity is the Key to Wealth"

    Success does not solely depend on ability and training. It also depends on your determination and a decisiveness to grasp opportunities when they flow your way.
    Opportunities in life come by creation and not luck. You either create opportunities now or in the past that manifest in your life.
    You are a result of your past moment to moment thoughts.
    So in your daily life what are your dominant thoughts?
    Success thoughts of failure thoughts?

    "Shoot for the Moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars!"

    Be consistently vigilant with your thoughts!
    "Beware the jabberwocky my son the claws that catch the jaws that bite..." lewis Carrol

    Negative patterns of the untrained mind can be quite damaging- it takes focused awareness to be watchful.
    "Focus on the best and dissolve the rest!"

    For Maximum results You must be consistent and keep focused All The Time! (ATT)
    "He took his vorpal sword in hand long time theMaxome foe he fought..." lewis Carrol

    Remember the Sole person responsible for your success is You... it is often tempting when the odds seem stacked against you, to blame external circumstances. When all that
    is actually required is to look in the mirror and affirm to yourself "I can achieve this."

    Success is accomplished through your efforts fused with creativity. This in turn benefits humans, animals and the environment around you.
    Take time to relax and focus your mind...If you face a difficult obstacle on your path take five minutes of quiet contemplation to enter the silence of your inner self. As you
    attune with your highest purpose...clarity will be revealed.
    Create momentum through dynamic will power.

    A great exercise for developing will power is to set yourself a small
    task or skill that challenges you.
    Perhaps you have always wanted to learn to play a song on the guitar. Choose a song, grab a guitar and practice that sucker till you have it in the bag!
    When you have mastered a few simple tasks...move on to learning a new skill perhaps a new language for instance.

    Finally always use your Mind and Will for constructive purposes...
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    Wow. Brilliant post, Will. Thank you.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    I would rather be a writer as writing is almost my life. Even if i lose my eye sight i would probably lose my mind because in writing i can express myself and be me
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    screened by Copyscape to ensure 100% originality every time

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    Cool post Will. I remember that famous question when I was a Kid. Now that I'm older I'm more aware of the options I have. The answer to that question now is... to be top marketer and copywriter in my industry
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    A millionare, and be able to have enough to live out all of my dreams.
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      A successful businnesswoman! I want to exceed in the things I enjoy the most
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    There's a bigger lesson here than just being who you are. And Will is spot on regarding what he says. But look at the emotion Will stirred in you. Notice how he brought "feelings" to the surface? Feelings of joy when you were a child. The feelings of sadness and regret for not going for what we desire. And then the encouragement that you can do it, now. Notice the "funnel" and call to action?

    People should study this and learn from it.
    This is true marketing folks... and I mean that in the most sincere way.

    Very well done, Will

    yes, I am....

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    In my Wonder Years, I wanted to be a doctor for the soul purpose of healing others. Not caring about how much money will i get or the titles I will have, I just want to help and heal people. Kinda like Patch Adams.
    But dreams change, maybe because of circumstances or maybe I just found a better one.
    I've been a 9-5 employee for years but also became an entrepreneur on the sides because i do like marketing and selling. It took a lot of courage to give up my job and go to an offline businessman and then an IM.
    The money that comes out of our online business is great but I think if we really want to be a successful IMs, we really have to love this business regardless if we do became a gazillionaire or not.

    "Customers are jade; merchandise is grass."
    Jing Quimpo
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    I definitely think most of us are just kind of drifting, hoping that we make it big.

    The truth of the matter is that the guys who succeed made a PLAN to succeed- then put it into action!
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    I would like to Build, Run and Grow a Business Empire!!

    You Learn the Process, You Master Your Success.
    Tejas Shah
    “YOUR First Step To YOUR Web Empire...’’
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    I want to be a person who can do what he want to do
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    Awesome read. Thanks!
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    thanks...for sharing....
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    Very great post....thank you
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    I want to be a F1 Driver... but a bit late now.

    So I stick to being a great dad
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    Dream to make a living online.
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    Nice post Mr Will. I could still remember that TV series, a clear presentation of a real life teen growing up. Although I could not remember all the episodes back then, but I could still have some flashback in my mind about that series. It's when he had his so-called opponent named Eddie Pennedy( if I wrote the name correctly, lol).
    Anyway, life is full of choices and as we go along with our life, we made certain decisions that changes what we had dreamed when we were young. Opportunity presents itself anytime in our life and when that presents to our life, we are faced with the decision on what choices to make. Grab it or let it pass, and whichever choices we make, we have to live with our decisions.
    When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a professional engineer that supervises in a construction of a super-structure under my name. But I didn't realize that along the journey of my life, I made some decisions that change the path that I was supposed to follow since I was a child. I decided during my college years to change my course to social sciences since my interests in history overwhelmed my engineering goal. And when the opportunity presents itself that I had to choose between to continue my course or to change, I didn't make second thought of changing my course of taking up social science course, major in History.
    I didn't see myself as a college faculty not until I was hired as one. I kept on thinking what happened along the way why my ambition to become an engineer was set aside. And now, I can really say that I made my choices and making decisions really changes the direction of our path. Just keep on enjoying the beauty and the mystery of what life will give us. Stay positive and keep cool..
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    publishing my own books....not just ebooks.
    coaching seminars
    purchasing franchise

    internet marketing is just vehicle to it
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    Very nice story and great discussion. Plan and action is necessary in all business, I want to one day own my online marketing firm running and managing ads in many countries.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    I read a PDF copy of the Seven Keys to Success and I would recommend it to everyone. Do not even read it once but twice, thrice as many times. It is life changing!

    I do SEO for a Web Host and a SAAS

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      Originally Posted by eddyjoy View Post

      I read a PDF copy of the Seven Keys to Success and I would recommend it to everyone. Do not even read it once but twice, thrice as many times. It is life changing!
      Thank you Eddy.

      I am really glad you liked it.

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    I'd want to be a well known web-designer... let's see what future brings. I'm kinda young so problably I still have some hope
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    When I was a kid I wanted to build roller coasters. Now I just ride them as much as I can.
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    Great read! thanks a lot for sharing.

    I just want to be successful in every simple things that I am doing.
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    A person who would create value for society........
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  • Profile picture of the author rickdoggett
    Great read! thanks a lot for sharing.

    I just want to be successful in every little things I do.
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    Awesome post

    Very thoughtful post . thanks for taking me back to memory

    You are absolutely right you either decide or life chooses for you

    Be the person choosing so at the end you are happy how you end up

    You are not your past . You are beyond that

    Make the necessary changes so that your past remains in the past

    and does not become your future
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    I want to be happy, and to get/stay there I am perfecting my recipe. As it currently stands, it is:

    1. To be independent and financially secure, so as not to be a burden on my children as I grow older.
    2. To be a successful writer.
    3. To help people with my knowledge base both through the IM world as I learn more here and through helping my community - the people I see every day.

    Of course the spice mixture changes each time I cook a sample recipe, but those three are the main ingredients.
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