Where can I find partners? How to make connections?

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I'm well aware of 'it's not what you know but who you know'.

Well, I don't know anyone!

Where can I find business partners who are willing to team up with me on a project I have in mind? I've posted a thread here on the Warrior Forum but had no replies. Granted I didn't post about my idea, but rather if anyone was looking to take on a project and who had the free time.

I have no business connections to help me, I don't know how to make any connections.

The people here at the WF are the only people I know who give a damn about business and hell, I don't even really know any of you!!

Today I think it all smacked me in the face and I finally realized I need to start networking with people outside of my tiny circle I'm in!!

Where/How do you guys meet people with the same interest?

P.S. Like I want to move to LA for acting since that is my true passion. Would be much easier if I had connections in LA, like for a roommate or something!! Makes sense right?
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    Follow your heart first off, so if its go to la, DO IT.
    Im going to san diego...

    Anyhow.. as for partners..

    Go to a event where business people will be.
    and connect with people there is a good start.

    I like to go to open minded events there my type of people and chat with them

    couple thing to make a connection with someone is

    find something in common
    state something weird about your self( not to weird, like you like Oreo's with Peanut butter...)
    introduce them to someone
    ask them a silly question

    I love messing with people it works great for me.

    so going to events and connecting would be my 2 cents
    and dont approach them all business
    firstly always approach them casually, conversational build friendship
    then business comes along

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    Why not use your "Internet" networks? I believe you have already gained friends and other good relationships with your lists in social media networks so it's possible to also use them to create deeper relationships and build business. Also, try contacting them and setting a schedule for an interview to get a feel of their interests, business perceptions, etc then go ahead for your proposals.

    There's nothing wrong in trying anyway so using those networks that has been staying for years in your account may be an advantage.

    I hope that helps you.
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    Ya bro, the goal is to keep looking for those opportunities and they'll show up...if you do something once and it doesn't work...find a different idea.

    Yours was great! Find a roomate that really wants to act and start looking for talented business partners....the rest will take care of itself over time.

    If you can't find someone...try it in a new way...that's really all I can say to help you man....what I do is I just always keep my eyes peeled for connections...then I just go...hey we have the same interests & ideas. Let's stay in touch...I've noticed that it happens incredibly randomly too. I find a lot of connections just through posts in Warrior & randomly through profiles.

    Just keep your eyes open and find new ways to establish connections & you'll find more than you'll ever need.

    You're just looking in the wrong places so it might be a good idea start looking for the right things than in different places.

    Hope this helped

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  • Well, if youre looking for people in real life to meet up with that may be more difficult. But if you're looking for people online then I would say just go to their web sites if they are in your similar business. Look at their content, send them an email and see what happens.

    Personally, I've never teamed up with someone on an internet venture, but if I was to do it I would simply have an email and send it to 5-10 people to start. If one of them is on the same wavelength as myself we would obviously pursue it further.

    Keep in mind, most people want to participate in a win-win deal. The only thing that would stop someone if it was a true win-win would be too little available time.
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