Life is just about PERSISTENCE

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Hi Warriors!

I am not old yet, but according to experience from past and current success people, like Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, and success stories from warrior members how to achieve their success, which is PERSISTENCE has big important role in any way they do for life.

Sometimes, this thought comes to my mind : Then how long does the persistence take? for 1 month? 2 months? 1 year? There is no definite time to define the duration of Persistence. What if they couldn't wait for more? What if they lose their patience and faith?

Anyway, that's life is all about. Who survives will win. Like they said. Persistence. But it will need friends to achieve the goal, such imagination, pray and confidence.

What do you guys think?

All the replies, I give thanks. ^_^

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    I believe in order to achieve the goals you set to yourself you must always, always be persistent. If I start slacking off and giving up it usually never takes me anywhere.. And I mean time will pass by no matter what you do.. So why not keep trying to succeed
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    I think you're right on chica...but I think you're missing one key ingredient to all of this.

    It's the ability to actually adjust when something goes find out where your mistakes lie and to fix them...Edison was soo outa luck when he made the light least we get live feedback : )...Edison just went...huh...well this one didn't work either....time for 683...

    Passion(so the desire won't fade), persistence(understanding not everything works the first time), patience(not pressing), and adaptation(being able to identify a situation and to respond to it in the best way we can) are my key ingredients to success.

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    Hi my friend,

    You are right. Success is for fools who don't know when to stop :p

    ...or as Confucius put it:

    "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

    I know I will reach my goals that I already set up. The only variable is time. The more I work the more I gain, but if I work too hard I might risk losing in the long run because I can't push my self anymore.

    So I would like to add "balance" to the "what life is all about"-concept.

    Never give up!
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    It's important to have persistence, but just having it won't alone guarantee success.

    You can be persistent working on the wrong things. Or in the wrong way. You have to always re-evaluate where you're going in terms of changed circumstances, your own skill set and knowledge base, and so on.
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    It is not that I am so clever, its just that I am more Persistent - Albert Einstien

    Persistence is the key to success, but as you say some times it gets difficult, so patience is the key, how to be patient in tough times is what we need to learn.

    As the famous saying goes, When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    Best Wishes.
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      Persistence is a MASSIVE part of being successful. Combine it with constant ACTION, DETERMINATION and the RIGHT MINDSET and you have everything you will ever need to be a success.

      Success isn't just about having lots of money, it's about a way of thinking. A person can be successful in many different ways yet not have much money but to be a success in anything PERSISTENCE is absolutely vital.

      All Time Classic Book "Think And Grow Rich" Updated For The 21st Century! Huge Online Video Seminar!

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    I feel persistance to all success is very important and to learn from our mistakes and not look at as failures.

    The real key is to get the right knowledge, take immediate action, and like stated stay persistant and let the others quit while you succeed.

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    • One thing I would like to add is that having persistence when life gives you so much trouble is what builds character. Years ago I use to complain about my problems in life and did not know how to handle them.

      Now, I know how to pray about them and I think in my mind that all these problems I am going through will just give me experience. So a few years later when the situation came back up - I knew how to be strong and stay calm to handle it.
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    I agree with the OP, persistence it is an extremely important component of success - great post!
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    I agree with Bellthorpe's answer. Persistence is important, but you need the right mentors or be moving in the right direction! If you are following internet marketers who are really helping you and they themselves know what they are doing, you can keep learning and moving in a good direction! When you start making solid progress, and also start seeing some money coming in from your efforts, then you see the light at the end of the tunnel... and you persist more!
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  • Not too long ago I made a blog post about Brian Tracy quotes and he has some great quotes on persistence, like:

    Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

    And if you know anything about Brian Tracy or his early travels through the desert in Africa then you know he is the definition of persistence. Truly an incredible story and person. My post about Brian Tracy is at Brian Tracy Quotes Page – Inspiration and Motivation if you want some great quotes.
    "You don't get onto the high road accidentally!"

    How to Get Motivated, Get Informed and Stay Inspired

    Are You an Avid Student of Life? - Personal Development Blog
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    I like hearing stories of persistence because it illustrates the illusion many of us have that success is 'supposed' to be easy. I respect people like Edison like you mentioned above. Also, Tony Robbins tells the story of Colonel Sanders who faced 1,009 No's before he got his first Yes. Also, my personal hero's, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) received 146 rejections fir the first Chicken Soup book before it was published. Another hero of mine, Sylvester Stallone received rejection after rejection after rejection when he was trying to sell the first Rocky.

    Long-winded, yes. But I agree. Your level of persistence determines the level of your success.
    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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    We spend many years to gain a graduation degree and It's an act of persistance but how many hours really it may have took to read as well as pass exams?

    Similarly, I guess, persistance should be quantifiable. Set number of hours for anything you want to achieve by doing some research and persist till you finish those hours of work.
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