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Hello Everyone,

Richard here. I'd like to pick your brains today. I am doing a radio broadcast and I'd like to share some of your thoughts with my listeners on what your thoughts are about progress. The question what is progress to you?

Thanks for sharing and your candid feedback.

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    For me,progress can be positive or negative-it is a sustained movement towards conscious or unconscious goals.I think of it in a holistic sense,encompassing the physical,financial,social,emotional,intellectual and spiritual facets of life.It is also dynamic,like most things and is really very relative.
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    • Thank you Nawman for sharing this awesome thought. I never really thought of progress as negative but as positive. thank you for this perspective.
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        For Me Progress is taking Consistent action every day to improve myself and working towards my goals and objectives.

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    Progress: To move forward by taking steps to get to a specific goal. I am amazed at the little steps to fix a website or build one is easy if you chunk it down into bite size pieces, before you know it you are done and it looks great.
    Sometimes progress will take me out of my comfort zone as I want to keep doing things my way instead of a better way.
    Great post. Thanks
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      Progress is anything that takes you forward. Forward isn't necessarily in one direction.
      Progress is the attainment of more of doing more or getting past hurdles of putting the past behind and looking toward the future.

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    Only human judgement understands concepts like forward and backward. The call of Nature is progression. People are the only creatures who screw it up sometimes

    Ryan Biddulph
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    Progress is when you're closer to your goal then you were yesterday
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      Progress to me is the constant clearing of cob webs from your mind, ability to see the things in true perspective and become free of jealousy and frustration.

      This is progress to me.
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    • Short and powerful. Thanks
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    Well, if the opposite of "pro" is "con," then the opposite of "Progress" is...
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  • Hello Everyone, thank you all so very much for your contribution thus far. Honestly, I have gain alot of knowledge from all your inputs and they will serve as templates to further formulate my personal philosophy of progress. Thank you so much.
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    Progress means to sustain success. It is all about accomplishments, not activities.
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    Good line King, I'll keep it in mind.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      The KEY to progress is to identify EVERY SINGLE small change that your actions have allowed you to achieve.

      And the keyword phrase is "every single small change".

      No matter good or bad - because they are the results of your actions.

      Then, we must look at these changes and then identify all of the actions that led to POSITIVE change - and then internalizing those actions on a consistent basis such that those changes can be further magnified and lasting.

      Progress is the path we take to make lasting change...at least in terms of motivation!

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    Progress monitoring is a scientifically based practice that is used to assess students’ academic performance and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.
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    For me PROGRESS means, I you have a girlfriend for almost a year now and she pregnant. That is PROGRESS


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    One step forward weather in understanding or action.
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    Anytime you are moving closer to or in direction of your goal, for me that's progress!
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    moving in a forward direction, doing something to day that you didn't do yesterday, learning something you didn't already know
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