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Hi Friends,
Jon here again, I wanted to share with everybody how a little psychology trick I learned back in school made a significant change in my personal motivation.

As most people here have probably heard, goal-setting is essential to performance and motivation:

Rushall, B. S. (1996). Some determinants in human competitive performances: A psychological perspective. In K-W Kim (Ed.), Human performance determinants in sport (pp. 1-24). Seoul, Korea: Korean Society for Sport Psychology.

This basis of this study was on goal-segmentation. It has been well-established that goal-setting is important, but in doing a study on high-performing athletes, the following were found true about their particular goal-setting habits.

1) Goals were rarely distant and vague, most were short-medium term in duration, and extremely specific, in order to provide clear performance direction (Russell Thoughts, 1992)
2) Acceptance of goals as being reasonable and individualized greatly increased performance capacity and motivation (Steers and Porter, 1974)
3) Athletes who segmented performance into smaller chunks proportionally performed better based on the level of segmentation that the athlete imposed (Rushall, 1996)

In reference to #3 - the study showed that skiers who practiced for races by focusing specifically on perfecting one section of a slope at a time did significantly better than those that focused on larger chunks, or worst, simply perfecting the whole run at once.

It's pretty much common sense, but it just goes to show that in order to truly excel, you have to break things down into a fundamental components and work on them individually, and at times, exclusively, before trying too soon to just fit it all together.
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    Thank you for your contribution. This is very true stuff just never really thought about goal setting in this way.

    How would you segment your day so you can acheive everything? we have 24hrs a day but sometimes i feel like 26 hrs would be better!
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    You are absolutely right about breaking them down to each segment and have a clear version of your goals. Very nice thing you learned here in school.
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    When asked how he ever found time to get everything done, after praying three hours in the morning, Reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) replied: "I'd never have time to get everything done if I didn't pray at least three hours every day."

    Goal segmentation is vital. The old saying applies: "How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time." The Franklin-Covey system is awesome in this regard.
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