Most Benevolent Outcomes

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I know that this may seem a little "out there" but I do think that there is some very good value to be had from a little success tool I recently picked up called "Most Benevolent Outcomes."

As I work one building my internet businesses one of the things I've come to practice is giving real, solid, helpful content to my visitors. I know this flies in the face of other approaches which advocate nearly "tricking" people into buying things with slick copy and video (not to say that all those things are junk, by the way). But it feels better and works better for me.

I think part of succeeding with this approach is staying open for change and trying new things. As I do that with my sites, I've been using this little tool I'm writing about here. Basically it works to remove fear and stress from you blogging - and if you use it in your general life - it does the same for that as well.

Since I've been using Most Benevolent Outcomes, I notice my writing is improving as are my sales.

Anyway, I won't go on and on about it. I've written a full article about the topic that gives good detail as well as one of my personal experiences. By the way, if you've ever been to a developing country, you'll probably find some of it pretty funny.

Here's the link;

Most Benevolent Outcomes

Enjoy and have a great day!
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