What's The Best Way To Move Backward?

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I feel using force is the best way to move backward....if you want to move in that direction

Force negates. Trying to control circumstances or people is the best way to regress.

What say you?
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  • hmmmm. good points do you have, use the force you shall do.

    master yoda
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    May the force be with you, my fellow IM Jedis.
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    Hi Ryan

    This is the revelation of the decade, and the most prolific answer to your question "What Is The Best Way To Move Backward?"

    My answer is really so simple >>>> "DO NOTHING" <<<<

    Believe me my friend, you will find yourself going backward quicker than anything...

    It is my sincere desire to help as many people achieve what ever they want to believe that they can achieve. Self Help Man

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    Good stuff here. Even better, the Yoda reference....mmmmm....hahaha (insert Yoda laugh)

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    Doing nothing isn't the fastest way, but it will surely get you there!

    I think a combination of doing nothing and then "abusing" what you do have. Like self destroying it is quickest way.

    This is not really a motivational post though is it
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  • force is definitely a great way to regress your circumstances with the person you're going against. ex. see wife
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    well, what you don't do can be a destructive force. just do nothing then.
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    I was thinking about fear of success when i see the headlines.Just do it or don't.

    Rock,Paper, Scissors. Always choose Rock thrice!

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      I think of it more as moving one step back to go two steps forward. This can mean moving on from a project and losing a little $$, but now having the time and knowledge learned from that project to enter other projects successfully (moving forward).

      So it's most justified to move backward as long as there is good enough incentive to lose a little upfront to make more back later.
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    Hi Ryan,

    I have been told by many (and found out through various personal experiences) that by doing nothing you do not merely stand still, but move backward.

    Imperfect action is much better than no action. Help others to achieve success and by default you will also achieve greater success than can be imagined.

    Finding things that work!
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  • Focusing on the past instead of the future is the biggest thing causing regression that I have noticed
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