Let's do worlds largest Thread of Success list

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Okay, I'll start....you put in your tidbits and I'll put in mine......

If we do this right, imagine what this can turn into.........

Please list in sequential order

1) One of the keys of Internet Marketing is getting in the mind of your buyer.
2) One of the keys of Internet Marketing is examining what you're doing (think about this one a bit)
3) One of the keys of Internet Marketing is physical training because that effects all areas of life. (Don't hear that very often do we, and yet it is so true)


4) ...?
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    4) That's definately Coffee for me...

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      Originally Posted by sambakker View Post

      4) That's definately Coffee for me...
      Make mine black.
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        5. If you want to be good making a living on the internet, LEARN INTERNET MARKETING. Too many of us think just because we are an expert on something, buyers should come running to our doors wanting to buy our product... the truth couldn't be further away! Over 1 MILLION webpages are added on the internet every DAY! If you want to make a living here, no matter how good an expert you are, you need to be a damn good marketer first. Otherwise, even if you are sending 1kg gold for free to everyone who bothers giving you their name and email address, your business will still die a lonely death.

        6. If you want to be good in Internet Marketing, learn to DO MASSIVE CLEAR HEADED RESEARCH on what your BUYERS really WANT. Not what they need. Not what YOU think they need. Not what you think they SHOULD learn. But what they WANT. Because no matter what they need, what you know they should learn, what is so obvious "if only they knew this, they can solve all their life problems"... unless you can talk (relentlessly) about what they WANT, they will zone out and go buy someone elses product who know this little "secret".

        So here is a little formula:

        Sales Page:
        Talk mostly about what your prospects WANT, what your prospects think they need, what your prospects fantasize is their magic bullet.

        Actual Product: Teach them all the "real" things you want to teach them, all the while promising when they learn all this, they can get their magic bullet working 10 times more powerfully. And lastly, give them their magic bullet that you promised so far.

        Hope this helps

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        Originally Posted by JDArchitecture View Post

        Make mine black.
        With no sugar.
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