New Year Resolution - Year 3

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It is almost a month. How are doing with your new year resolutions? Are you going to keep it this year? Or has it already gone with the wind?
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I started it in 2008. As a way of saying thank you to this forum and fellow warriors
from whom I learned everything about online marketing.

Yes, it is that time of the year.

Did you make a new year resolution last year?

Were you able to stick to it and get what you wanted out of it?

If your answer is yes. GREAT. Keep up the good work. Make new ones for the new year and keep on wining. Also, please share your experience here so that others will get inspiration and motivation from your success story.

Come back and report progress. Help struggling warriors.

Warriors who have made resolutions and always failed to keep it, let us make a difference this year. Make a serious, reasonable resolution and PM me and find out how you can keep it this time and win this year.
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